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Your eyebrows are the frames of the windows to your soul. Without eyebrows your face lacks definition and your eyes seem to disappear.

Having a heart condition was bad enough, but being prescribed medication that caused my hair to fall out was harder. I shed hair like a cat, loose hair was on my clothes, sliding down my back in the shower and falling in my food. Yuk. It was so unpleasant. I could see my scalp peeking through and my brows were slowly disappearing.

Finding out I was one of the less than one percent with this side effect had me moaning why ME? The cardiologist team over the course of the next two years, experimented with different levels, tweaking until it stopped. My eyebrows didn’t grow back though. Coupled with my almost blond brows, I took to lining and waxing my brows.

Eyebrows At Forty Five
Before Microblading

In the summer, I noticed my sister, who lives in Alberta had beautiful brows. She told me hers were a result of microblading. I liked the look, but I was a bit nervous to try it. Then a friend told me about a Microblade training program that posted on Facebook they were looking for models. What the heck, I wanted in. I was tired of lining, waxing, and coloring every morning.

The process is relatively easy. I was very impressed with the school’s studio. The hygiene and safety bars are set high. Shoe coverings were used by both teachers and clients. We teetered outside the door and put one shoe on and placed the first foot inside the salon and then did the other. Medical gowns, face masks, and safety glasses spoke to the clinical setting, but the teachers and their interactions with their students made for a friendly collegiate atmosphere. It reminded me of a girl’s night out with friends. The teachers, although expecting precision, were patient as they guided the class through the various steps.

Eyebrwos At Forty Five
After Microblading 6 weeks

First, your face is cleaned and the consultant finds out what type of brows you want. Next, the shape is drawn on and the design is approved. Following this, they customize a color suited to your skin tone so you have the perfect color. Although they take your hair color into consideration, the color is matched to your skin. They do not look for extreme colors. They look for a color that will be defined but is realistic. Then they sterilize and numb your skin. Slowly, using a small precision blade your skin is pierced with short strokes mimicking strands of eyebrow hair. You can feel it, but it does not hurt a bit. Finally, the color is rubbed in. In almost no time, it is done and you are sent home with very precise instructions. No showers for two weeks was the hardest part of the instruction.

Feeling Goo At Forty Five The instructors were constantly checking on the student’s progress which made everyone lying there feel confident. I think there were 7 or 8 women and we were all very pleased with our new brows. The color is darker at first, then gets lighter after two weeks and after about six weeks it settles into the regular color. At this point, you can go back and tweak the color or touch up the shape if you need.

If you are looking for darker, carefree eyebrows consider microblading.

There are many reasons why we experience hair loss. Always remember to consult with your health professional regarding hair loss. There might be medical solutions. Do not self-diagnose or write the problem off to aging or menopause.

If microblading is not your style, there are many products on the market for you to try.

Alternate Solutions for Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrows Cardani Cardani Real Hair Stickon Eyebrows have a variety of shapes and colors with latex-free and gum adhesives. They look just like your own.

Ardell Brow Defining Kit is a makeup alternate that helps you line your brows with ease. Four different colors to mimic the shades of your hair, a specially shaped brush, and a wax stick keeps your new brow realistic and in place until you remove it.


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