Facebook: My Diary For Reflecting On Life

Facebook Reflections At Forty FiveSo here’s the thing … Yes, I love Facebook. For me, it is often like a diary of what is happening in my personal life – quotes and pictures and thoughts that get me through a day with a hopeful outlook. It is a place to share, celebrate, connect, reminisce, and learn something new. But more importantly, it is my link to those who have passed through my life in varying degrees at varying times.

I am in awe of the young adults once children in my life. They are pursuing their personal dreams with passion and conviction. There is pride in who they have become – parents, professionals, artists, athletes, trusted friends, hard workers, good people – and love following their journeys of growth and self-discovery.

I am in awe of friends who are navigating through career changes, moves, relationship transitions, empty nests, aging parents, personal losses, and triumphs – it brings comfort on those days when you feel you walk alone but realize you don’t. It instills compassion and caring and hope that someone out there has been in the same shoes and you can reach out and touch a soul through words.

Reflections Facebook At Forty Five

So yup, as much as there are negatives to Facebook, I would much rather focus on all the richness it brings to my life. I look forward to reading about your lives and if you chose to “un-friend”, it’s all good. Have a happy day!

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