Fall Fashion; Feel Strong

Our clothes carry the message we want to convey to others, and that changes depending on what we are going through in our lives.

We can all find ourselves in the position where we want to communicate strong even though we don’t feel the part. Visuals play a crucial role in delivering that strong “brand of you”. What you wear influences your body language. So, you need your clothes to say, “I am poised, in control and I mean business.”

This fall season designers have taken a more serious look at dressing. Think the late 1970s and early 80s. Falls’s most resounding messages are in the tailoring. Trench coats, capes, and suits are designed expressly for the female form. And nothing speaks power more than shoulder pads which are back just in time to lend you power.

It All Starts With A Concept

You might be lucky and already have a grounded idea of what clothes you own that makes you feel the best. If not, this fall is a great time to step into your strong suit.

Pick an actress or social media personality that exudes that strength you admire. Consider her look. Research the latest styles from the runways then, pull together Ideas of clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup that will help you feel your best.

Feel Strong At Forty Five Ten Tips To Step Into Fall Strong

  1. Get rid of the clothes that don’t speak to the person you have become or want to be.
  2. Start the look with a great haircut, maybe brightening or deepening your color for fall.
  3. Consider a big boxy blazer or tuxedo, both trending this fall. This go-to piece hints masculine strength with a feminine twist.
  4. Check out the classic chunky knits; slim skirts and oversized sweaters are weather appropriate.
  5. Explore the trousers; sharply pleated, wide legs, or culottes.
  6. Choose a power color; reds, purples, hot pink or this fall’s favorite pistachio green.
  7. Block heels for boots and shoes in this season’s snake or leopard print make fashion practical.
  8. Texture and prints are all over accessories for fall/winter.
  9. Layer with a key piece of statement jewelry to add personality.
  10. Finish with a splash of lipstick. Nothing says confidence like a brightly colored lip.

Now you are ready to step out the door and tell the world who you are.

One strong woman.

Kathy Patellis-Schmidt
Kathy Patellis-Schmidt


Kathy Patellis-Schmidt is a Professional Fashion Stylist with vast experience from the Fashion Industry. Through her business, she empowers women by helping them create a stylish, elegant and timeless wardrobe and find their perfect personal style.

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