Feel Like A Natural Woman

You may have seen the video At Forty Five posted on Facebook a few weeks ago of Aretha Franklin. I am a huge fan of the Queen of Soul. I’ve replayed the video many times since we shared it. Aretha kills that song.  So powerful and yet, each time I watched, another question sprang to mind. Who is that blond woman with the corkscrew hair? Why does she take such delight in that song? Whoa, is the President of the United States crying?   So I hit google and I found a story about women over forty five that is truly inspiring.

The video was on the occasion of the 38th annual Kennedy Center Honors and it was recorded on December 6, 2015. It has went virile a couple of times.

The blond woman turns out to be Carole King, 73, an honoree that evening. One of the most prolific women songwriters of our generation, she has hundreds of popular songs to her credit. An unimposing woman, she has taken the backseat to a lot of singers who may not have been a success without her.

Aretha Franklin as of that taping was seventy nine years old. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Aretha has more million-sellers than any other woman in recording history. In spite of her success, she has faced many life challenges. Her voice kept her relevant over five decades and allowed her to move through many genres from soul to rock and roll and into pop.

Two mature women, not your typical “media stars of today”, didn’t allow what the world might think to get in the way of the triumph of who they are.  In spite of imperfect lives, two “natural women”, each beautiful in their own right and having played to their strengths and talents, brought the President of the Unites States to tears. Never underestimate the power of being a woman.

Then those lyrics; I was so tired… life was unkind… when my soul was in the lost and found. We have all felt like that at some time. Aretha and Carole don’t let us wallow there though, they draw us into a crescendo of achievement,

I feel like a natural woman.

Did you notice all the women, young and old, singing along with her in the audience, identifying with the story? Thank you Aretha Franklin and Carole King.

It makes one think, I too can get my soul out of the lost and found. I am a natural woman, perfect as I am, no effort needed. If you think you are lacking a defining talent, you can always be kind.  It’s one talent the world is very short on.

So today, be inspired. You ARE a natural woman.  Go forth and rule your day.



Sherry Kallergis
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