How Young Are You?

The older I grow the more I think about aging and it’s effects on our bodies and our minds. But before we continue, let’s define how old is old?

It’s very relative to who is speaking. When I was 16, I thought that 30 is very old. Now I think 30 is very young.

When do we start to feel old? When we can’t run after a bus without catching our breath? Or when we don’t feel like dancing past midnight if we have to work in the morning? Or when we don’t feel like dancing at all? When we don’t have that crazy appetite for exploring new things, new places, meeting new people anymore? When small things and experiences that used to make us excited, don’t make us happy anymore?

I am not even talking about a body that grows bigger in size, less toned and less flexible with every passing year or when the sparkle in our eyes is not there anymore.

And then there are some aches and pains, injuries, or perhaps a disease. We don’t like to spend much time in front of the mirror anymore, or maybe we avoid mirrors totally.

Here this is the thing: while we can’t stop aging, we can slow it. Yes, we can slow the aging process by proper exercise, proper eating, and proper mindset. Actually all three are related. The more we exercise the better our mood is going to be, as we are producing endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, the happy hormones when we exercise. The better our mood the better we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

The better we feel about our bodies the better care we are going to take of it and feed it with healthy nutritious food.

Let’s not forget new hobbies to keep life exciting. How about dancing? Don’t know how to dance? Well, you can learn. Don’t have time? It’s about priorities. Feeling stiff? Do some yoga. Out of shape? Go to a gym and eat healthier.

So, how old is old? I’ve met old 30 years old people and young 80 years old people. Is it genetic?

Perhaps some of it, but we always have a choice. Make it the healthy one!



Avital Belkin
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I am Yoga/Pilates, TRX Instructor, Personal Trainer and Raw Food Educator, based in Richmond BC. Look up my website for public Yoga and Pilates classes. Email me with any questions about private/corporate classes.