Linda Shea: I Finally Found My Life Pursuit And You Can Too

Life At Forty FiveI finally found the life pursuit I was meant to do and it just took me 66 years.

The first business I purchased was in Langley in 1992 at the age of forty. It kept me busy for 20 years. I had an outdoor power equipment store – we sold lawnmowers, chainsaws, equipment parts, and performed repairs. It grew from $250k the first year to over 1.1 million in 2012 and I employed 7 people. The business sold in 2012.  I found though, it’s hard to retire when you’ve been working your entire life.

I started making jewelry several years before I retired, but in a small way. Working with wire and pliers, I was mostly just stringing beads. I took an evening course at Vancouver Community College over a four-month period and it was there I learn to work with a torch.

Life At Forty FiveOver the next few years, I started taking courses at some of the local studios and I learned how to work with enamel, how to set stones, and how to texture metal. The learning process is still ongoing and I continue to take courses and practice.

Life At Forty FiveI’m now taking courses in jewelry design at Lasalle College in Vancouver. You can find my jewelry in the Anna Christina Boutique in White Rock. I am also a member of the Vancouver Metal Arts Association.

It is amazing the joy I get making jewelry. I find it so much fun.  This is what I am meant to do. You can too. I am proof, it is never too late. What are you waiting for?





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Linda Shea
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Linda Shea has found her calling, designing beautiful jewelry. Working in metals and stone she puts passion into every piece. You can find her pieces online or at Anna Christina Boutique in White Rock.