Reconsider Forfeiting Your Dream To Play Life Safe: Julie Salisbury

For many of us, the ability to dream on a personal level has been pushed to the back burner as we tended to kids, marriages, careers, aging parents and health challenges.

At some point though, we need to get the scales out and reflect on what we have and what we want, maybe even in perspective to the productive time remaining. That’s not to say those who are happy need to do anything. However, if your life is coming up short, one has to assign a risk factor to keep what you have or go for the dream.

Julie Salisbury is a fascinating case study of giving it all up to follow your dream. Her story perfectly illustrates the realities of taking such an action. The path is not all roses. It is filled with false starts, twists, and turns. The journey and where you end up though, completes you as a person and really, isn’t that our life purpose?

Dream - Julie Salisbury At Forty FiveWhat Would You Trade For Your Dream Life?

Do you dream of a successful career, a marriage, an English manor, and a chic London lifestyle? That is what Julie woke up to every morning. Yet, she tossed aside the typical safe approach to life and decided it was riskier to keep the status quo.

She traded it all in for a sailboat and used her intense curiosity as a catalyst to set sail around the world. FYI it is a big world out there and it took seven years. That part of her story is not for me to tell. Suffice it to say you will want to get her book, Around the World In Seven Years: A Life-Changing Journey to find out how her love interest, the skipper and the sole person able to sail the boat, dumped her in Malaysia and much more. Riveting, it is a fabulous read for the holidays.

Publishing Is All About Meeting The Needs of Others

Julie learned some key life lesson in her travels. When you are in third world countries, you see the spirit of collaboration is more established than in the rest of the world. Even if we are not poor, we still need to get together to support one another. She believes you must help those you come in contact with because quite simply, Karma comes back around.

Dreams At Forty FiveJulie’s business is all about helping women (and some men) fill a niche market with their books. She once again used her curiosity to toss the typical approach to writing books on its head and reimagine the process. Instead of approaching book writing as sharing your story she recommends women first look at the market, identify the gap and then write your story from the perspective of filling that need.

The business has been an organic progression. In 2005 she opted to move to Canada as a permanent resident.

Julie decided to make use of the time while waiting for her landed immigrant papers. She started writing her book and working to have it published. She ended up doing a deep dive and she learned a lot about the publishing industry that year.

Navigating The Book Business

In her journey, she ran into a lot of women who were trying to navigate the book business. It seems that while women in the early 2000s were looking for answers for personal growth externally, now they were turning the focus inward. Women between 40 and 65 are coming to the realization they already hold the answers inside themselves and actually just need to do the work. The result is women becoming unstuck and transforming their life. Coming through to happiness and fulfillment, women naturally want to share that learning to help other women move through their issues to find success, fulfillment, and happiness. Sharing their story in a book works perfectly.

Many women were asking for help. Julie started holding workshops, then moved into agenting and finally when women were having trouble getting published, started her own publishing company. Her company has published over 200 titles. Eighty percent are by women, and she only takes on those that identify a distinct need in the market and fill it.

In this age of digital content, Julie believes in the power of print. She is of the opinion that a physical book has a tangible value. One sees the number of pages, the size of the font, the quality of the cover, and feels comfort in knowing there is a quality control process. On the other hand, it is buyer beware with ebooks. The market is full of 99 cent ebooks with questionable value. Anyone can write something and call it an ebook. However, once the print book is established for credibility, Julie is happy to convert to the ebook platform but for the $9.99 market instead.

At Forty Five DreamsYour Dream Life Doesn’t Come With A Fairy Godmother

Then came the unexpected diagnosis of dyslexia. Oh great, she thought, imagine what people will say when the word gets out that their publisher is dyslexic. After years of telling women that they shouldn’t worry what others thought, just be true to yourself, her friend had to call her out about her own fear of judgment. The best advice is “You can’t change others, you can only change the way you feel”. That is how she decided to apply to be a TedX speaker on the subject of “The Gift of Dyslexia to publicly announce that she was a Dyslexic Publisher. Surprisingly, considering the unique life she has experienced, she considers that occasion to be one of her most satisfying.

She is thankful to have found her favorite book by Ron Davis, The Gift of Dyslexia. It helped celebrate the strengths that resulted from compensating for her struggle with the analytical mind. On further consideration, dyslexia actually has made her a better publisher.

Julie encourages others to pursue new experiences! She is grateful for all the living and learning that came from risking her safe life. As Julie continues to work on her dream life, it is clear the risk was worth it.

WOW Woman of Worth Event
WOW Woman of Worth Event

She found a way to make room for travel in her business and her business is mobile enough that she has the ability to set up an office anywhere. As her book is about expanding our experiences, she inspires others to join her in new places around the world on writing retreats in England, France, Europe, and Mexico.

Never Give Up Dreaming

Does Julie still dream? Absolutely! The world is a big place with so much more to discover. She has not given up on sitting down for lunch with Richard Branson or discovering an easy way to learn new languages. Now she spends the winters living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico holding writers retreats and Salsa dancing.

The whole experience taught Julie a divine lesson. You need to commit to living your life destiny. Yes, there are always risks to taking control, like dyslexia or a boyfriend ditching you. Your alternative is to forever try to be satisfied with your safe life. So, what is riskier? You will want to consider Julie’s parting advice:

“Don’t let life slow you down. Keep going. Don’t be afraid to dream because truly, you can do anything.”

Dreams At Forty Five

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