Four Strategies To Consider For Quarantine Or Sickness

The thought of being in quarantine or seriously ill is top of mind for so many today. The odds are high that you or someone in your close circle will face some degree of illness. Whether you are working or retired, single or married, you need a plan that can be implemented if you are unable to carry on with your regular routine. I speak from experience.

Over the last several years, two serious illnesses left me with an immediate inability to function. All that ensued made me reassess my approach as well as implement some changes both at home and at work to prepare for the unexpected.

In these crazy times, you want to be prepared. Here are some considerations:

Are You The Sole Keeper of Things?

Don’t be, as it will leave you, your family or company in a no-win situation. There are easy ways to keep key information available and accessible by others when needed. Identify someone you trust in your family, circle of friends or organization to access it if needed.

Quarantine At Forty Five
Are You The Keeper Of Things?

Make sure they have a backup key to your car, home, and office. Those with a home-based business or office can be especially vulnerable. Can you remember phone numbers, passwords, or card numbers without your cell phones or computer?

Communicating key information to your husband, children, friends, boss or workmate is not be possible when you are unable to function.

Do You Have A 24/7 Accessible Anywhere Filing System?

Where will you be sending your designate to find insurance coverage, important papers, or receipts to file your income tax if you can’t get to it? The messy kitchen drawer, the box in your closet, the hard drive on the computer in your briefcase, or your phone locked down behind a password with a dead battery? Think about how people will need to access key information and the state of it.

AT FORTY FIVE has a solution for a filing system that is easy and simple to use. Sign up here for the next Angst Free Tidbit Learning Session. Now is the perfect time to organize yourself while you have time.

Is Your Income Stream Functioning?

Explore Income Insurance if you are self-employed. Know if you are entitled to sick days or Long Term Disability benefits and how to access it. There might be unemployment insurance to cover your situation. Trying to do this when you are tired, sick, and not working on all cylinders with limited access to your work directory can slow the process down for you and your designate.

Is Your Income Stream Functioning?
Is Your Income Stream Functioning?

It is a trying time for businesses for sure but now more than ever you need to be marketing online any product or service that can be delivered online. Many brick and mortar businesses can pivot and take a component of their business online or work in partnership with other businesses. AT FORTY FIVE has partnered with many experienced women entrepreneurs to put a Women’s Business Booster Hotseat series together to help you get a new strategy in place. Click here to get more information.

Can You Embrace Being Quarantined Or Ill?

I think this is the hardest part. Life is not fair, circumstances suck, but a positive frame of mind goes a long way to support your recovery. Instead of railing against the situation, choose to get rest, nurture your body with healthy food, your mind with good reading, and your psyche with positive, vibrant people through the internet and your phone. Be grateful and graceful to those taking care of you. Fill your world with good energy. All these things will lift your spirits and your body.

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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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