Get Clear On Relationship Marketing

Putting relationship marketing in play can make all the difference in your growth trajectory when you set new goals.  Often, personal and business growth is at the top of the list.

At Forty Five Relationship MarketingRelationship Marketing, What Is It, Who Does It Benefit?

Consider the first word, Relationship. Building relationships by nurturing your connections are very powerful in business and personal growth. The second word, Marketing will naturally follow. People do business with whom they know, like and trust. This approach benefits everyone!

We, especially women, are naturally relational. We are always meeting people!  At networking events, the coffee shop, grocery store or on our kid’s playground. It’s not always about shaking hands and collecting business cards, it’s about connecting with likeminded people and seeing how you can sincerely help each other. Building genuine relationships is making it about them – not yourself.

Five Tips To Get You Moving

  1. Ask questions, listen and communicate well. When we learn about each other, we gain friendships faster.
  2. Look for the opportunity to help those you know to solve a problem or introduce them to someone you know who can.
  3. Be excited about your business and eager to share testimonials from happy customers.
  4. Use a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to remind yourself of the conversations. Use systems to help you stay consistent.
  5. Follow up with the people you meet! These connections you’ve made are waiting to hear from you. Send them a Nice to Meet you card!

Keep in Touch, Celebrate and Express Gratitude

thank-you-944086_640Implementing a consistent strategy to stay in touch, celebrating and following up with clients, customers and referral partners is powerful in your business. Increase sales, profits, client retention, and those golden referrals.

  • Celebrate people, their lives and accomplishments. Birthdays, anniversaries, new home, new car, promotions, new job. New baby, grandchild or graduation. Every life event is a cause to celebrate.
  • Send Thank You Cards! Only 2% of people do, so be part of that exclusive group!
  • Social media is where people share their lives, so focus on following the people you want to get to know.
  • World Kindness Day is Feb 17 – show your clients you care about them!

We all get the group emails, texts, and junk mailers but do we ‘open’ them, do we respond to the non-personized texts?  There is a place for those touchpoints but an actual conversation or a heartfelt personal message with either phone calls, notes or greeting cards is the best way to give you the opportunity to build and nurture the relationship.


Be Remembered

The ‘Marketing’ side to this is you will keep your name Top of Mind to all the friends, family, clients and prospects that you are celebrating and appreciating! Be remembered for being kind.

Maya Angelou says it best:

People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, People will never forget how you made them feel!

Relationship Marketing is not a new trend it is how business used to be done, the old-fashioned way, making honest friendships, succeeding because we know, like and trust each other.

Stay focused, get clear! Let’s support each other this year with 20/20 vision on our business and personal growth.


Terry Specken


As a Relationship Marketing strategist, I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to implement a powerful follow-up strategy so they can increase sales, profits and client/employee retention. I help people expedite the Know, Like and Trust factor.

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