Belly Dance And Get In Touch With Your Inner Goddess

Upon recent reflection, and straight up comments from dear friends, I am very aware that I share often on Bellydance however, that I have never really shared about the deep interconnection between the woman and her Inner Goddess. Here it is.

I won’t bore you with history. If you want to know how it all got started, I will be happy to answer, but I want this to be about what it IS now.

We women come with a virtual bouquet of baggage, conceived notions and lies we tell ourselves. We all do. No exceptions. The trick is to realize that we are all in the same boat, and none of that baggage defines or limits us. None of those notions or lies have a damn thing to do with who we are today or tomorrow…just yesterday.

Our lives become a script of “things we say” to ourselves and eventually, we accept it as the truth. Freedom is finding out that you can do something that you honestly believed you could never do.

At Forty Five Innergoddess Bellydance
Innergoddess Bellydance Group

One night, the class was working on shimmying while doing an upper body roll. It is challenging, but more so mentally than physically. Really! The brain does not think that is possible so the mouth says it out loud. One of the girls called me over and looked at me with a furrowed brow. “There is no way I can do that!!” she yelled… I watched her perform the move perfectly. You see, what comes out of your mouth is powerful. Even AS she did it…. she was saying she could not! Let that sink in.

This leads me to self-degradation. NOT ALLOWED!! Putting ourselves down in front of others creates an airborne virus. I have watched half of a room of girls react personally to someone else putting themselves down. Ask me and I will tell you the story.

I can tell you that the feeling of moving your ribs with your shoulder blade muscles or moving your legs with your lower abs, creates a sensation of power and control, self-control but it is a personal journey.

I can tell you that the first time you pull into a side hip presentation that consists of proper posture, you will feel like you are the tallest women in the world, but again, it is a personal journey.

Not everyone falls in love with Bellydance. Heck, not everyone even finishes the first 8 week program, but I would have to say that at least 75-80% take something out of the experience. I am honored that many share that with me. A very high percentage who have discontinue classes, come back. Why?

The movements and concepts are ageless. The knowledge that for the next hour, you are giving yourself permission to just “be” usually results in a deep breath and purposeful exhale.

There is no kid, husband, phone, doorbell, expectation or judgement. There is just the annoying constant of my voice barking orders while you and your limbs work out a deal to trade some odd movements for a hot bath. Find your innergoddess in bellydance.

Check your local community center or online tutorials to learn more.