Wonderfully Dysfunctional Grace and Frankie Make Aging Appealing

Grace and Frankie, the Netflix series make aging appealing. You will be laughing, crying and nodding your head in total agreement with something in every episode. If you have not watched it yet, be warned. Binge-watching will occur.

Aging At Forty Five
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This is the story of two women who are handed something totally unexpected. From slow-to-launch children, personality foibles, and regrets to missed opportunities and new challenges, they charge through life just dealing.

Finally, we have role models for when we “grow up”. You will identify with either the glam lady boss Jane Fonda or the bohemian creative Lily Tomlin.

The strength of this show is the ability to illustrate acceptance of self, however disruptive that might be.  At 80+ these women draw on their experience as wisdom and work hard to get past themselves.  They know life is full of repeats. They have seen it all, at least once.

It is a comforting thought.  If you feel that the next phase of life lacks social milestones to achieve, and are wondering what now, Grace and Frankie will open your eyes.

The casting is superb. The show is the perfect vehicle for bringing many of our favorite actors back to the screen. Past heartthrobs make appearances as love interests for the two women and there seems to be no shortage. It is refreshing to see a healthy sex life is possible and appealing at any age.  The supporting crew is made up of relatively unknowns soon to be stars. Every one of the characters has a believable quality.

Aging At Forty Five
Image by Netflix

Set in a stunning beachfront house,  the show takes a light-hearted comedic approach to some daunting cultural concerns and challenges. Ageism, feminism, the right to die, divorce, homophobia, and sexuality move to the forefront of our social consciousness.

Grace and Frankie normalize life after 45 all the way to 90. Which, you will be happy to know, is just as dysfunctional as any other life period.  OK, maybe even more. And therein lies the beauty, Grace and Frankie make aging look grand.

Now, we can’t wait for Season Six to land.

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