Grief Recovery: Take Steps To Reclaim Your Life Now

When you experience loss, grief recovery can feel like a dream. You have been preoccupied with trying to hold it all together. Then you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and wonder how you let yourself get to this point? Tired eyes, sagging skin and a few extra pounds in all the wrong places?

Grief At Forty FiveSure, you’ve been going through a tough time. Turning to food for comfort is common. Unfortunately, it hasn’t fixed your broken heart or helped your journey of healing.

Instead, the extra weight is hanging heavy along with your emotions and you’re feeling lost as ever.

You deserve so much more in your life, if only you will allow yourself to learn to feel again.

It’s time to embrace strategies that will help you to deal with loss – whether it was the result of the death of a loved one, end of a relationship or another cause.

You can escape the pain and make healthy decisions again.

Who Am I? What Do I Know?

My name is Jennifer and I’ve been in your shoes.

After losing my husband in 2012, I took my body on a whirlwind of changes. I went from being in great shape and healthy to losing weight when I stopped eating after his passing. From there, I turned to food and wine to satiate my emotions and gained back 35 pounds.

I felt completely alone, hopeless and stuck.

At the same time, I was angry at myself for dealing with my grief the way that I did.

Grief Recovery At Forty FiveIt wasn’t until 2018 that I discovered how to remove the emotional weight of loss that helped me take back my life. It took hard work to identify and heal the emotions that were driving me to use food and wine in the first place. In doing so, I lost 15 pounds and am happy with where I am at – both physically and emotionally.

Let’s be honest: I didn’t have to make changes. It would have been easier to continue with my unhealthy habits and simply wait for a change.

Take Emotional Responsibility for Your Life

Maybe you are still waiting, for:

  • A time when the hurt won’t be so strong.
  • Something to feel familiar again.
  • Someone to save you from the hole you have fallen into.

But here is the truth – and I say this with love, of course! Only you can do the work and now is the time to start, now is the time you want to make your life a priority again.

Five Steps To Take Back Your Life

Here are five steps that got me moving in the right direction:

  1. Decide to take responsibility for your ability to respond to your losses rather than be a victim of your circumstances.
  2. Identify grieving events in your life that you experience unmet hopes, dreams, and regrets
  3. Explore myths and beliefs that you may have learned growing up that may be hindering your ability to grow from your grief (such as…be strong, keep busy, it just takes time)
  4. Journal about emotional quick fixes you may be engaging in efforts to numb the pain such as eating, drinking, drugs, social media, sex, and/or shopping.
  5. Reach out to a Grief Specialist

Learn More

Check out this online course, it might help you get on your way to reclaiming your life.

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