You Can Grow Your Business Through Ladies Who Lunch

Do you have a side hustle or are you an entrepreneur looking to grow your business? I am a member of a powerful global group of women, Ladies Who Lunch, that can:

    • Provide a support network
    • Reduce the learning curve
    • Introduce you to new ideas
    • Keep you motivated
    • Involve you in new meeting formats

You might need help getting past your own ageism barriers. I did.  As a member of the At Forty Five crowd, I was much more familiar with the Wikipedia version of the phrase Ladies Who Lunch:

“…often used to describe well-off, well-dressed women who meet for social luncheons, usually during the working week. Typically, the women involved are married and non-working. Normally the lunch is in a high-class restaurant, but could also take place in a department store during a shopping trip.”

So when I received an invitation three years ago to the signature event, LWL Summer Patio Party my first thought was I work for a living.  Imagine being able to lunch in your finery and broadcast it?

Stop right there if you have had the same thought and sign up for a membership right now. You can have a free 30 day trial.  That tip is my gift to you.  I lost out on two years of learning thinking that. Trust me, you will want to follow through.

In one year I have:

      • Attended two learning events
      • Listened to countless inspirational video posts
      • Met some marvelous women
      • Read two recommended books
      • Heard some great life stories shared
      • Gained four articles for this magazine
      • Picked up tips on social media, writing and personal goal setting
      • Released two articles written by business women in the group
      • Received some jolts of inspiration when I needed it
      • Deepened relationships with four women in my age group

And guess what? I just bought my ticket to my first Ladies WHO Lunch Summer Patio Party”.  This is the fifth annual event of the original one I passed over.

What is Ladies Who Lunch?

“A global network of women in business, fashion & philanthropy living their dream & making a difference”

Ladies Who Lunch At Forty FiveMaria Kritikos founded the organization in 2013 as a vehicle for sharing what she has learned to help other women move their own life and dreams forward. She prescribes to the theory that we can do anything we set our minds to by acknowledging and owning your dream and moving it forward one step at a time.

An annual membership based organization, you can participate in a sharing portal, closed FB groups, virtual coffee dates, face to face meetings and dive into taped learning events, content and short sharing vignettes.

Ladies Who Lunch At Forty FiveThe organization continues to grow in scope and explore new ways to connect   because Maria is responsive to “new”. She constantly is pushing the envelope.  Not one to shy away from any opportunity, she has amazed me with her fearless approach this past year.  She is a single mother, sells real estate yet nurtures countless chances to connect and learn. All the while, she is exploring new things like to host a local broadcast of interviews with powerful women.

What I Know Now

        Ladies Who Lunch At Forty Five

      • Are you over 45?
      • Do you live in a small town, in the country or in another country?
      • Is social media selling just a thought?
      • Have you a dream burbling inside your heart?

This virtual organization will help you grow and is a wonderful step in moving your business forward.  You could even start a chapter in your own neighbourhood.  Imagine! You can be everywhere, anywhere.

So get out you new summer dress, find a delicious hat or fascinator and come meet and mingle. I hope to see you there.
Get your tickets to the Patio Party on Saturday, July 8 here
To Learn More about Ladies Who Lunch click here

Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis Administrator
Sherry loves creating and pulling together things, values her eclectic group of friends living fascinating lives around the globe, is an eloquent listener, can’t write worth a damn, but loves a great story and is a sponge soaking up new tips that will help make her (and your) life extraordinaire!