Sorry, Your Roots And Grey Hair Do Not Constitute A COVID Crisis

An open letter to my hair clients during this COVID crisis,

I know it’s a difficult time. All of a sudden we cannot visit our aging parents, we cannot meet up with our friends, we cannot go to work…. We cannot cover our grey, we cannot…

WAIT!!! WHAT????? CANNOT COVER OUR GREY????????????????

What if I come alone?

Or what if you come to me?

What if………….ok.; what the hell am I to do??  What about my lashes, my nails, my…weekly blowout?  Surely, I can call “My gurl” and she’ll do a blowout….


COVID Hair CrisisAll of a sudden I am no longer a Hairstylist, I am a highly sought after “maybe”.  But, I cannot give in.  I know if I do, someone will see me and report me anyway.  There have been some serious shaming online for those Stylists’ who have crossed the line.  I choose to lay low for a while.  As an empath, it is not easy while receiving message after message by text, email, and pigeon (ok., maybe I am exaggerating a bit) but seriously, the guilt is real.

My dark roots are growing in too, my nails are also growing out, as is the additional 100 grams of hair I have added to my natural; I understand one hundred percent.  We live in Vancouver, one of the world’s sexiest cities!  We always must look our best!

Here are some ways to remain feeling good by looking good.

My first recommendation is and will always be to surround yourself with those you love and make you feel love.  Nothing is more inspiring and strengthening than feeling loved.  You don’t have to be with someone to feel their love: Call, Email, Text Message with those you love.  They feel it, you feel it.

COVID Hair Crisis At Forty FiveDon’t stress about not being at work.  No matter what you do for a living, if you are not “essential” don’t go to work.  You are already used to going somewhere every day for up to 8-10 hours so instead, do a list of things that will give you purpose: Call your family, call your friends (one a day is enough to lift your spirit), engage with your neighbor in case there may be something you can do for them from a distance.  Your new “job” could be helping that neighbor that lives alone across the hall.  If you have children, this could be a great time to teach them to help their elders, single mothers, and other neighbors.

Basically, your roots can wait.  There are bigger things happening right now in our COVID world.  No one will even notice as we all have our own concerns.  Wear a hat, a cap, a toque,

Wear your roots!  Who cares!  You’ve got this…

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Cynthia Skabar
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There’s no better time than now that I am going into my fifties to start to share some of my thoughts and experiences. Having the same business for more than half of my life can be wonderful but I do not want my work to define me. I am ready.