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Are you an artist or do you just love art? Either way you will want to connect with ROAM Gallery and its founder Jennifer Angers Daerendinger. Jennifer’s Roam Gallery is a fabulous continuously changing landscape of art from exciting emerging artists intermingled with daring established artists. I was curious how a gallery works and Jennifer sat down with me to explain and share her story.

First, not all galleries are the same. Some galleries focus on the buyer as the customer, however Jennifer has built her business around the artist being her client.

ROAM Gallery has a wide range of artists working in various media, including tattoo, sculpture, mixed media, photography, jewelry and glass. Artists can create a profile in her online registry of artists for $30.00 per year. The profile links back to their own work housed on their social media profiles or website. This catalogue of artists is available here:

Then the gallery has regular themed showings where artists can show their work. There is an administration fee per submission. This rate varies from show to show and the gallery receives a 30% commission on work sold in the gallery.

Jennifer welcomes new artists that are good at their craft, serious about being an artist and looking for an opportunity to show.

Jennifer’s dream is to create a salon experience where there is a confluence of artists, buyers and those interested in art sharing one space. She imagines an artist creating in one area, another giving an intimate workshop, with artist stalls and guests roaming through a cornucopia of visual and tactile experiences for their viewing pleasure. Her events are moving towards that goal.

She sees her gallery as a support piece and a stepping stone for artists looking to raise the profile of their work and get representation,

Buy Local and Support Small Business

I love art and can easily spend a couple of hours in Homesense looking for the right reproduction print to hang in my home. Jennifer points out that by spending slightly more you can own the original work of a local artist. She is intent on getting the message out that buying local art supports your community and small businesses.

She put that in context for me. There are local artists whose work is on par with well-known names. Why pay all the overhead and associated markups of the retail industry, then add the contributions to global warming with trucks shipping thousands of copies from one part of North America to another? There is quality art right in your neighborhood. So the next time need some type of art or you are looking for a unique gift for retirements, birthdays or special occasions consider browsing ROAM Gallery.

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Art needs to be seen to absorb the feeling of the piece and tune into its message.

Helping The Artist Market Their Business

So, what does makeup, accessories, jewelry, hosiery and art have in common? A competent business woman in the form of Jennifer Angers Daerendinger The mother of a committed hockey player, Jennifer has lived in Vancouver a good deal of her life. She can paint, but considers curation her art form, although she has always been in artistic based businesses.

Jennifer has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing with high end brands including Chanel, Holt Renfrew and Tiffany & Co. Not only has she been involved in sales, she has also sat on the other side of the business table. As an associate buyer with Tiffany and assistant manager of Wolford, a hosiery company she gained insight into the operational side.

Artsits At Forty Five When her son was older, she transferred her expertise to Blanche MacDonald mentoring and teaching resume writing and job prep. Calling upon her extensive connections in cosmetic retailing, she took on the job placement program finding students work experience.

So, Jennifer has a unique toolkit of expertise that goes to work for artists and benefits buyers too,

3 Tips for Women in Business

We have “come a long way, baby” from the times when women had to behave like men to be recognized. Jennifer is happy to see changes in the workplace that level the playing field for women. She shared three tips that have been beneficial in her career:

Artists At Forty Five
Starting A Career With Paint by Number At Nine Years Old

1, Manage Your High Performers

Early on, a mentor told her often the mother in us wants to rescue or help those who are struggling or not able to motivate themselves. That can take a lot of effort with little results, however, if you focus on moving your stars forward you can make more of a difference. Jennifer feels there is a balance needed, but she always keeps that focus.

2. Recognize Your Role

Playing to your role helps you deliver on your strength. Jennifer uses the example of connecting with a very talented artist looking for a local representative. She recognized he needed a gallery with a different caliber of customer. She cold called a gallery that would take him to the next level and connected him. In turn, she made two new connections that support her business in return. You can’t be jealous of the role of others.

3. Pick Up The Phone

Jennifer is a huge believer in picking up the phone and talking to people. Today when email boxes are overflowing and social media feeds are full of targeted content, she is a proponent of listening to or watching people. You will benefit by drawing on a broader set of cues.

What Every Women Wants To Know

I noticed Jennifer’s skin is so lovely and she hardly has a wrinkle. Knowing she is over 45, I wondered what her secret was, considering she has insider knowledge and access to the very best cosmetics. I learned she was the brand ambassador for Crème de la Mer for three years. The product is pricy, but she swears it is one of the best products she has ever worked with. I need to check it out.

For More Information

Check out ROAM Gallery

Here is The Artist Directory

You can contact Jennifer here.

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