Your Home Office Outfit Speaks Volumes

There is no question that working from a home office is a dream for many. We get to set our own hours and workload. Best of all, we can roll out of bed and stay in our pajamas all day.

Home Office AttireIt sounds great, but actually, it is not necessarily true, at least not for me.

These are unusual times we are living and attempting to work in and I am feeling a little lost. The biggest challenge I face now is a never-ending quest to maintain productivity.

That is why it is worth considering why you should dress like you are heading to work every day, even though your office is home.

Your Outfit Influences Your Work

What we wear has a real impact on how we feel about ourselves. And that, in turn, influences our work, our confidence and our ability to focus.

Pajama Dressing Home Office
Pajama Dressing Extraordinaire Chosen By Mums In Heels

I think power comes to us when we get into the mindset of dressing every day even from home. Our attitude changes.

Through our clothes and accessories, we are sending a message, even if it is just to ourselves, that we are responsible and have a strong sense of worth. Your fashion style depicts you’re your attitude, especially at home.

Most importantly, this attitude propels us into a mode of productivity. This is the most important reason for dressing appropriately for work at home. It is nice to be comfortable, but comfortability does not equate to productivity.

Our clothes work as visual reminders to ourselves of our intentions to get things done. Bedtime attire does not cut it although this silk lounge is a cut above most.

So take some time to put together a few work “outfits”. Don’t bypass your jewelry box. Spray on your favorite perfume and finish off with a colored lip gloss. Now, you can step into your home office dressed for success and open for business.

Kathy Patellis-Schmidt
Kathy Patellis-Schmidt


Kathy Patellis-Schmidt is a Professional Fashion Stylist with vast experience from the Fashion Industry. Through her business, she empowers women by helping them create a stylish, elegant and timeless wardrobe and find their perfect personal style.

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