Are You Hurting Or Struggling Today?

Struggling At Forty FiveIf you are hurting, feeling alone or struggling in any way… with all the loss due to drug overdoses, depression, and suffering in a multitude of ways .. I wanted to share there is a hope … and there is a solution. ❤️

Please put silence to that voice just for a moment ❤️ That voice that says ” you are not worthy, good enough, strong enough” .. whatever the story it is you tell yourself that stops you … and do what may feel like the scariest thing you’ve ever done .. reach out. Send that text, make the phone call or talk to someone and ask for help.

We are everywhere recovering in many different ways. We have more than enough love to give you until you can love yourself again.

It’s by far the best gift you could ever give yourself.

You are loved, you are worthy and never alone. ❤️

Struggling At Forty FiveI know because on July 20, 2018, I celebrated 12 years of recovery. Not for a moment did I do this alone.

Thank you beyond words to my wildly supportive & loving fiance, my family who I love and adore, my tribe who have loved me no matter what and every beautiful soul that has touched my life on this journey ?

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Find the resources you need, contact your health professional or a loved one.

A Global Resource For Women:


In Canada:

Addiction Treatment Helplines

In the United States:

National Institute on Drug Abuse

In the UK:

Action on Addiction

In Australia:

Australia Drug Information Network