Evolving Through Life And Love

love At Forty FiveI love my life and being a woman. I have been blessed to share over 3 decades with a man who has seen me through every stage of the challenge, failure, and success. He has not walked in front of me but beside me. Much of my identity has been a reflection of the roles I assumed through those stages – a wife and a mother. You often lose yourself and your mind in the midst of everyday chaos and busyness, melding into the oneness of a couple, or a career, or a family unit, sometimes neglecting self-reflection and individual growth.

There are bills to pay, children to raise, meals to cook, houses to clean and life passes by in a blink of an eye. It is now since I have been watching our children navigate their futures that I have begun to reflect on my own journey.

Moments Meld Together

There are many moments I do not remember.  I am reminded as I see them in pictures or a home movie – rocking both babies on my knee, singing an off-key song, having not showered since the day before, mounds of laundry on the floor. Walking behind a muddy tricycle, yelling to “stay off the road” and “look both ways” as our kids’ scoot in front in of me, helmet heads bobbing in the sunlight. Endless photos of skipping, volleyball, basketball, hockey – smiling faces, lifelong friendships. Camping trips, quadding, family dinners, celebrations, milestones, births, deaths, moving, changes … the cycle of life.

As a mother of a daughter, I find the evolution of my thinking interesting in the sense that some of what I see for her future, I was never daring enough to see for my own. But that does not mean my life has not been great, fulfilling and the one I was intended to live.

Life Shapes and Guides You

It is mine and I challenge myself to live a life of purpose and intention. I am responsible for my own happiness and growth as are you. You are never too old to learn and change. I am flawed, more redneck than refined and laugh too loud but I am loved by some and love many.

Love At Forty FiveEveryone has a different vision for their life. A different road, a different way, different goals, different dreams, different things we want to accomplish. Insight has shown me that strength is hidden in facing adversity, compassion is fostered through hardship, happiness grows in success and love, patience is developed through trials.

All of these attributes are invisibly developed through everyday life. There are so many more ordinary moments that nurture your soul than extraordinary events. Life shapes you through experiences.

Celebrate Our Womanhood

Let us celebrate the multi-generations of females who have taken varying paths in this vast world. We come from every race, background, marital status, profession, religion, income bracket and age. Grandmother, mother, aunt, friend, sister, child, all are working hard to find their own way of embracing this one life they have been given.

We are all different yet, we are all the same. Individually and together, we are strong. We are all perfectly imperfect. And thank you to the men who value, support and love us.

Lisa Diane
Home is my happy place. I am grateful for chocolate, laughter, naps, good movies and my soaker tub. My greatest blessings call me Mom and a quiet man who chooses to love me every day.