How to Choose the Ideal Flats & 8 Spring Perfect Pairs

We often pass over flats, drawn to the glamour of heels when shoe shopping. After all, we know how much women love wearing heels because of how stylish and beautiful they can be. What we often ignore is how our body starts to feel once we get past forty-five. That is why flat shoes are one of the best things to wear and one of the healthiest for that matter.  They don’t alter our body posture, which helps keep us standing straighter as we age.

Flats are the perfect type of shoe to wear to work because they provide a lot of comfort and mobility, which is something women truly value when it comes to their daily routine. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of heels for a special occasion and starting to feel your feet ache after a couple of hours. That is why I’ve fallen more and more in love for flats and why they’re my best friends too.

There are flat shoes for every taste: from ballerinas, to oxford shoes, moccasins and much more. It’s actually very easy to find cute and comfortable flats for every kind of budget, from the cheapest to the priciest options. It’s a great shoe alternative for those looking for practical yet stylish look.

Although flats are the all-around shoes for uncomplicated and practical women, there are some facts to have in mind before choosing any kind of flat pair of shoes. If you thought that all flats were ideal for your body health, then think again. Studies have proven that not all flats are damage-free for our health, so here are a few tips to help you choose your perfect pair:

  1. Prefer cushioned flats over super thin-sole ones. Not having foot support can be pretty harsh for their well-being, so always look for flats that support the arch of your feet and your soles. Ignoring this fact can cause you to develop plantar fasciitis, a condition in which your feet soles inflame, and cause your arches to drop and your tendons and ligaments to tear.
  2. Always choose flats that have plenty of room for your feet. Shoes that are too tight around your feet and cause them pain can then cause ingrown toenails, which can eventually turn into some major infection. With that said, choose your ballet flats wisely!
  3. I can’t stress out enough sole support. Soles that are shock-absorbing will do much less damage to your heels than one that don’t. As you know, when wearing flat shoes, your heels will constantly be hitting the ground with a lot of pressure, which over the time will damage them. That’s why it’s extremely important for you to choose flats that have good quality and have plenty of support.

It’s also important to highlight that flat shoes have multiple benefits, such as providing stability and balance. Here are a few options that are super cute and fashionable for the upcoming Spring!

Perfect Pairs For Spring

ASOS Leader Ballet Flats 

At Forty Five Asos Leader Ballet Flats                                                                                               

 Cortefiel Suede Moccasin     

 Flats For Spring At Forty Five     

River Island Embellished Suede Loafer 

At Forty Five Nude-River-Island-embellished-suede-loafer

Sarto Stacey Flat                                   

Flats For Spring At Forty Five

Zara Interchangeable Laces            Flats For Spring At Forty Five

Stuart Weitzman Bolshoi Ballerinas

Flats For Spring At Forty FiveMuveil Pearl Embellished Ballerinas 

Spring Flats At Forty Five

Kate Spade New York Carima Loafers 

At Forty Five Flats For Spring

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