Jewelry: You Want To Be Fashion Forward Not Age Forward

ronit-2Not sure how to stay fashion forward without aging forward? Well, for starters you will want to stay away from the matched sets of the past. Mix metals, textures, and pieces together for a younger vibe. Here are some more tips to help you defy the years.


The material and style count:

  • Choose materials that will light up your complexion…..pearls, beads, stones or beige color horn.
  • Wear layers or bib necklace which goes to mid-chest. It can even disguise sun-damaged “decollete”.
  • Choose one statement piece. Resist the urge to over accessorize. Chunky pieces give a modern feel to any look.

Another consideration when choosing your necklace is the shape of your face and the necklace length. Do you have an oval, round, square or rectangle face?

If you have a square face shape, an equal distance from the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, then I suggest long necklaces and earrings.

RZ Jewelry Design At Forty FiveRectangle faces should also wear long necklaces and earrings to add length.

Oval faces can wear any length of necklace, keeping in mind, of course, height, neck and body size.

When you have a round face, you want to pick a longer necklace, possibly with a pendant or charm. Ideally, something that creates a slimming “V” as it glides away from your face. Avoid the round choker as it will make your round face look rounder.

Long, rectangular faces can benefit from the roundness of the choker and consider wearing stud earrings.

Horn earrings combined with silk tassel
Horn earrings combined with silk tassel


Droopy lobes make you look older, so avoid heavy earrings that draw attention to that sagging lobe.

Studs are here to stay.  They are light and available in many sizes.  Choose a size that adds dimension. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of studs.

If you go for long statement earrings make sure there are fixed close on your lobes.

For a round face, long dangling earrings will provide some length while a square or narrow face will benefit from hoops or round button earrings.


Fashion Forward At Forty Five
Swarovski pearls wrap twice around wrist

Stacks of bracelets add personality and a contemporary look to wrists. Many women bypass bracelets but they make a trendy look cooler.

A quick addition will power up t-shirts, fitted sweaters, and 3/4 sleeve jackets. Mix your bracelets with thin pearl and leather cuffs and bunch them with your favorite watch.

Jewelry is a sure way to bring out your individuality and charisma even if you are wearing a basic tee and cropped pants. Experiment with colors and textures and don’t be afraid to show some personality.

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Ronit Ziswiler
Living in 11 countries I learned to cultivate the passion for cultures, color, and design. There is a great influence in my designs from scenery like the beach, water, desert, the colors just fascinate me. When I lived in DC I was Inspired by the powerful and beautiful women I met and their elegant experiences, so I started designing jewelry to match personalities and sophisticated purposes.

I took classes on jewelry design and taught myself how to create jewelry by breaking apart vintage pieces and re-creating new jewels from the materials and buying different beads to create endless short necklaces which I wore once and then made them again differently. I saw that there weren’t many jewelry, beautifully handcrafted pieces at an affordable price point, so I started designing.

When the time was right I transformed my “late night escape” hobby of creating jewelry into a small business. I am a one-woman show. I am hand making every piece and reinvesting every cent to keep building my brand.

My artwork contained in necklaces and bracelets are full of endless possibilities, enticing you with options to enhance your ensemble every day.