Journaling Starts You On An Odyssey Of Self-Discovery

Ciel Ellis shares the story of her creations; gorgeous hand-bound journals that have traveled the world.

Journaling At Forty Five
Thirsty Journals by Ciel Ellis

AT FORTY FIVE caught up with her as she readied an order destined to gaze on the pyramids of Egypt and float down the mystic Nile River. Imagine the stories they might tell.

Journals are a window into different cultures, a historical record of times gone by but more importantly, the very soul and life of the writer are laid bare waiting to be uncovered. Journals share the journey.

A journal holds the potential for a woman to discover who she is. ~ Ciel Ellis

The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is known to:

  • Spark creativity
  • Release “feel good” endorphins and dopamine
  • Enhance memory and comprehension
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve communication skills
  • Solidify thoughts and directions
  • Provide an outlet for situations, feelings or fears you can’t share with anyone else.

With so many benefits, it is the perfect undertaking if you haven’t started yet.

Tips For Successful Journaling

  • Start small and build up (be reasonable)
  • Be consistent (hold yourself accountable)
  • Tell the truth (be honest about how you feel)
  • Be present (pay attention and enjoy the process)
  • Ignore the spelling and grammar (it is more important to get your thoughts down)
  • Add sketches and doodles (feel free to express yourself)
  • Find a comfortable, quiet spot (relax and settle in)

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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

Sherry loves creating and pulling together things, values her eclectic group of friends living fascinating lives around the globe, is an eloquent listener, can’t write worth a damn, but loves a great story and is a sponge soaking up new tips that will help make her (and your) life extraordinaire!

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