Katayoon Webb: Paint Is A Unique Advantage In Life & Real Estate

Paint is Katayoon Webb’s tool of choice in life. It has served her in her childhood in Iran, her student life in Montreal and her adult life in Vancouver. It is omni-present in her personal life and inspires her business and career. Katayoon and paint is a unique connection drawing all facets of her fascinating life together.

Katayoon has been painting since she was 12. She attended a graphic design and art focused high school and then moved to Canada and did her BFA at Concordia University with her specialization painting.

Katayoon is a versatile artist. She does abstract landscapes for her house staging business and creates personal pieces for her own use. She learned using oil paint however as she is an impatient artist her medium is mostly acrylic and ink. Katayoon captures that inspiration in her mind immediately.

“I have found that the idea may change with my mood with passing time. Tomorrow, the painting will not be the same. So, I often work a painting from start to finish in one session and for that I need fast drying paint.”

Katayoon is a successful real estate agent in the hot Vancouver market who offers her clients a unique competitive advantage. She helps her clients maximize the selling price through her staging business which include custom created art pieces to showcase the property potential to buyers.

I was privileged to sit down and chat about her unique approach to life and painting. Watch the full interview here:

Getting To Know Katayoon

When have you been most satisfied in your life?

Life after 40 has been truly exceptional, when I started living my truth unapologetically. Caring less about what others think of me, or how my lifestyle would make others feel uncomfortable and started living my life the way I wanted it.


Is there a key piece of wisdom you would like to share with women contemplating a renewed self?

That their happiness is their responsibility and no matter what the circumstances are they can choose.

What is the piece of learning that has stood the test of time?

Operating from my heart always, kindness to others and kindness to myself.

If you could meet anyone for lunch, who would it be?

My dad, he was my biggest fan and cheerleader, I always thought I had more time.

What do you need to make more time for in your life?

Time to paint.

What was the best advice you ever received?

That my happiness is my responsibility and mine only.

If you could learn anything new, what would it be?

I would absolutely love to learn how to write a book, I think my life can totally be a Netflix show.

What is your key strength?


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  1. Authenticity and passion. Both are evident in Katayoon’s art and work ethic.

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