My Keto Lifestyle: a Personal Journey Back to Health

The keto lifestyle has made a huge difference to my health. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on TV so I share this eating regimen and way of life with you based entirely on my own experience but also with reference to experts in the field like Dr. Jason Fung from Toronto. Fung is such a great speaker and writer that I encourage you to visit him directly; I won’t attempt to do justice to his philosophy here.

Three years ago, my family doctor was concerned about my fasting glucose levels, my blood pressure, and my cholesterol. One option was to take medication often given to diabetics. My doctor was not comfortable with that approach but rather recommended the keto way of life. Essentially, she said to me, “you’re a smart woman, go online and read everything that Dr. Jason Fung has to say, and then create your own lifestyle based on his research and recommendations.”

Let’s be honest: as I got older I vacillated between wishing I was in better shape (while not being willing to change anything in my diet), AND resigning myself to the fact that at my age I shouldn’t fuss about it because it was just part of aging. Had my doctor not intervened, for solid health reasons, I might never have pursued a Keto lifestyle. Truth be told, I didn’t know anything about it before my appointment.

What I created for myself was a combination of a keto diet along with intermittent fasting and the occasional multi-day one. I know that sounds daunting but in the same way that you would not attempt to run a marathon without training for it, you cannot do fasting of any kind without building up to it.

How I Started

Here is how I started: first I went through my cupboards and segmented everything that I was no longer going to eat which included rice, pasta, beans, sugar, flour. Then I dropped a number of high-carb vegetables from my diet including most things that grow under the ground such as potatoes, beets, turnips. Next, I eliminated pretty much all fruit with the exception of blueberries and blackberries in limited amounts. Does that sound like all the fun foods went out? Not true because I can eat plenty of healthy protein, all kinds of salads, mayonnaise, cream, sour cream, cheese, butter, and bacon.

Eliminating breakfast and lunch and going for one meal a day was fairly simple and painless. Once my body learned to look for fat to burn, and I was fat-adapted, That amount of fasting, i.e. 22 hours with no food and with a 2-hour eating window, provides outrageous benefits to your body, the main one being autophagy, a process that begins after 12 hours of fasting and basically purges all the damaged, old and toxic cells from the body.

I was so busy paying attention to my eating regimen and testing my blood glucose after meals and during fasts that I barely noticed my jeans sliding down my hips, or that embarrassing situation where your boobs don’t fill out the cups of your bra! I went to buy a dress for a work engagement and I was shocked my usual size was too big. Then I tried one size down, then another before fitting into an 8. Even more significant, my fasting glucose levels dropped back within the normal range. My blood pressure was on its way down as well.

A New Lifestyle With Keto

I can eat plenty of healthy protein, all kinds of salads, mayonnaise, cream, sour cream, cheese, butter, and bacon.

Everyone asks me if I am still “doing Keto”, not realizing that it is a permanent lifestyle for me and, given my weight loss and health gain, I can allow myself the occasional cheat and have a burger in a bun, rather than wrapped in lettuce, or some angel hair pasta with lemon cream sauce and prawns, or even a low carb bread tomato sandwich.

Since my success became obvious to others, several friends and colleagues have dipped their toes into Keto, some of them following the intermittent fasting as well as the low carb diet and some simply reducing their carb load but continuing to eat three meals a day. One of them even lost 60 pounds!

If you are struggling with your fitness, weight, blood glucose, or blood pressure, I highly recommend this lifestyle. Granted, it cannot be for everyone; nothing is, but it has been a huge breakthrough in my life. I have never felt healthier and more energetic. I’m proud of my body and the shape it is in. Too bad the skin tone never returns to where it was at 30. Sigh.

There is so much conflicting advice out there. What, where, and when we should eat, what supplements to take, and how we should exercise. It is annoyingly confusing. Even though I’m no expert, I do have a solid few years of experience with this Keto lifestyle. I will never go back to my previous approach.

I am very happy to chat with anyone who wants to know more. My contact info is in my bio. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading reports online, think of me as your Keto shortcut.

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Joanna Piros
Joanna Piros

Joanna is a mother of five, grandmother of 5 (and counting), a communications coach, avid cook and often runs out of olive juice before running out of olives for dirty martinis.

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