Kiva: Dreams Are Universal, Opportunity Is Not

Kiva, founded in 2005 as a nonprofit, assists women (75%) and men around the world build At Forty Five Give Back Kivabusinesses, get an education and achieve their dreams by providing loans. Their unique business model enables them to serve in areas and under circumstances that other financial institutions deem risky.

How it works is a borrower applies for the loan, it goes through an application process and is posted for crowdsourced funding.  At this point, you are able to pick what project/borrower you would like to support.  The loans are in increments of $25.00.  The loan is disbursed and then the borrower works to pay off the loan.  You can then re-loan or withdraw your funds.  This is a rewarding project for your grandchildren, school or church groups, or you personally.  Learn more about Kiva and their success here.



Habakuki Group: This loan helps a member buy various food products to resell.
Habakuki Group: This loan helps a member buy various food products to resell.



At Forty Five is contributing to Habakuki Group, in Bakavu, Congo.  This loan gives a woman-owned small business in the impoverished Sud-Kivu region access to financial services and training. To participate click here.

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