Learning Anytime Everywhere = A Weekly Latte

Learning is a lifelong skill tLearning Anytime Everywhere At Forty Fivehat refreshes your spirit and engages your mind.  Exposing yourself to new ideas broadens your horizons and feeling accomplished positively contributes to your sense of wellbeing.

At forty five you begin to have some spare time and learning a new skill is a wonderful investment in yourself.

So then have you been putting up barriers?

  • All the classes will be filled with young people,
  • Travelling to and from the school is a problem,
  • The cost of the course and books is expensive,
  • The only free time you have is early morning or late at night.

Well, here is the perfect solution for you.  Anytime, anywhere learning for the weekly price of a latte. You will want to check out Lynda.com and get on your way to having an exciting new skill.

Tell Me More

What Is Lynda.com?

An online learning platform with a video library of quality courses taught by leading educators and industry experts.  It is backed by big business as Linkedin purchased Lynda.com in April 2015.

What Does It Do?

Lynda.com delivers 5600+ courses in business, technology and creative skills on any device in five languages.  Courses range from photography to software so you will find something to suit you. This service will assist you in acquiring new skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

How Does It Work?

A monthly subscription model means you can learn continuously picking up the courses as you want.

There is a Basic and a Premium Package. The Premium package has access to additional content such as quizzes and program files.

The subscription can be cancelled any time

Can You Recap the Benefits?

  • Affordable – about the price of a latte a week
  • Available 24/7- learn in your pjs, on the bus or waiting in the doctor’s office
  • Access it on any device – computer, cell phone, tablet or tv
  • Quality, engaging content – created by experts in their field
  • Flexible timeline- finish the course when you can
  • Free trial – for 10 days and it can be cancelled anytime.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Here you go: www.Lynda.com

Let us know what course you took.  Please share this article if you found it useful.

Sherry Kallergis
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