Learning To Shop Your Closet

Have you lost your “look”? In this age of selfies and video, looks are important however many of us, perhaps dealing with body issues, have given up. We shy away from the video camera. Why exactly? Because we have lost our way. We no longer feel joy at the prospect of putting on clothes. If you want more from life, then there is a much better way.

What I have learned these past years is that how you look equals how you feel. And you can feel however you want. Sexy, bohemian, sophisticated, natural, sporty, the world is your oyster.

If you are feeling less than put together I am sharing with you the knowledge and approach of two very stylish women who influence and inspire my dressing nowadays.

Kathy Patellis Schmidt, a Lucern-based stylist of Style-Etc encourages women to create complete looks by “shopping their closet” and renowned artist Golfo Tsakumis, of Golfo Art has the approach down picture-perfect.

Closet Shop At Forty Five
Kathy Patellis Schmidt www.Style-Etc.ch

Kathy Suggests

Kathy suggests you look through your wardrobe and get rid of items that you no longer wear.

Then focus on a few staple items you own. (See in the video Golfo picked a pair of cropped pants, an outstanding sweater and a beautiful skirt for fall)

Start pulling items out of your closet and drawers that might go with them. Golfo’s bed is her starting point.

Next, try the combinations and work with them until you have the full look…use jewelry, hats, glasses, handbags, shawls, coats and shoes to finish off a chic style. Then snap a selfie for an easy reference when you are in a rush.

Finally, if you are missing some pieces, make yourself a list and schedule a fabulous shopping experience. You will be able to focus on what you need instead of feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of fashion choices.

Golfo Shares

Golfo At Forty Five
Golfo Grapsa Tsakumis

“I love mixing old with new and classy with trendy… I find that very interesting.

Clothing is my passion, next to art. It is fun for me. I find putting looks

ogether as rewarding as my painting. As soon as I put a look on that looks good, I feel happy. I am not a model, by any means, I am heavy and short too. I have found a way, without spending a fortune, to look stylish with my own old clothes, that still fit me that is, by adding a piece or two of new classic items and accessories. Accessories make the difference. I think we should invest in them more than clothes.”

Finally, Break Some Bad Habits

When you don’t take care of how you look, you are telling your subconscious you value yourself less. You are not a priority. How can you feel beautiful if your lingerie drawer is full of frayed granny pants and your closet a hodgepodge of misfits?

  1. Get proper undergarments with color and a feminine touch. You will feel uplifted immediately.
  2. Leave yourself time in your schedule to get ready properly.
  3. Treat getting dressed every day as an occasion.
  4. Do not shortcut the look.
  5. Always wear lipstick or gloss.
  6. Say thank you, when someone compliments your look.

Soon you will catch yourself admiring a confident, beautiful woman in the mirror behind your coffee barista only to realize that she is you.


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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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