Life You Carry In Your Heart …

Life Lessons At Forty FiveYou will not remember most days of your life. Oh, yes, you will remember moments and milestones and achieving goals but for most part, days will simply flow from one to another. You think that you will have a relationship with someone forever.  Surprisingly, you most likely will not, except for a precious few who are destined to be your journey soulmates till the end. You will change schools, jobs, religions, partners, homes, towns, perspective and material tastes … sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance. Life is about constant change and acquisition and loss.

What you will remember though is how someone or something made you feel. You might not recall all the details but you will know that you experienced happiness, love, hurt, disappointment, courage, strength loneliness, heartbreak, grief, pride and every other emotion in intensity you never even imagined possible. These are the things that you carry in your heart. These nurture your soul and your personal growth and your spirit. Life is hard. It is complicated. Life is worth the struggle, for woven inside the challenge are threads of laughter and success and goodness. I see it when I look at my children – a love that is beyond words.

Surround yourself with people who support and encourage and cheer for you not ones who simply use your life as a competitive marker for their own. Find that “one” who loves your imperfections perfectly. Looks and wallets and surroundings fluctuate but having someone who makes you laugh and comforts and embraces you is priceless. Be yourself unapologetically but be mindful to not be disrespectful simply because you can. Make kindness your quiet mission.

Still learning but to date … this is what I know. ❤

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Lisa Diane
Lisa Diane Contributor
Home is my happy place. I am grateful for chocolate, laughter, naps, good movies and my soaker tub. My greatest blessings call me Mom and a quiet man who chooses to love me every day.