The Layers Of A Woman: Marilyn Wilson & Life Outside The Box

Life Outside The Box
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Marilyn Wilson is the friend you hope for, the sister you need, the associate your business lacks and the inspiration your life craves. I am not the only one who thinks so.

She was recently recognized for her passion, dedication and many contributions to the fashion community with the 2017 Vancouver Fashion Week Ambassador Award.

I could easily have missed the pleasure of knowing her. She was introduced to me as an author by a woman who sat beside me at an event and with whom I struck up a conversation.  At the intermission, we made niceties and then Marilyn came up to talk to her. Kindly, she included me and then gave me a copy of her book. That was in September and I sat down during the Christmas holidays to enjoy her book.

I mention this to illustrate the fact there is no right or wrong timing to the insertion of effective and transformative people into your life. When you are open to meeting new people, you never know who will be next.

Life Outside the Box

Life Outside The Box
Get inspired to step out of your box and embrace your potentialThere is no such thing as a normal way to live your life and no one right solution to any problem.”

I found her book Life Outside the Box: The Extraordinary Journeys of 10 Unique Individuals utterly fascinating.  It brought the stories of ten individuals together in one tome.  Most of the people I might never have learned about if I had not read the book, although there were two that I realized I had heard a facet of their story through the news.

Each person had a totally different story to tell yet there was a common theme woven through the collection and that was an appreciation of extraordinary journeys.

Marilyn’s gift is she recognizes the value of life’s adventure and celebrates it.  She shares enough of each journey that you are able to relate it to something in your own life.  Knowing other people have traveled through a similar happenstance validates you are not alone.  It inspires you to consider anywhere and everything is plausible.

Many of these stories demonstrate different approaches to success, perceived success and the acceptance of failure as a step to success. Some illustrate great personal vision or unorthodox values or a dedication to their calling or craft which required stepping outside of the social, cultural or business norms. All of them disrupted life in captivating ways.

You will want to check out her book to learn more about seven extraordinary women:,  Ruthie Davis, Patricia Fieldwalker, Caroline MacGillivray, Pamela Masik, and Lisa-Marie Mazzucco, Julie Salsbury and Katherine Soucie. Marilyn includes some riveting stories from men too.

You can purchase her book on Amazon.

Life Outside The Box
Image by Harry James Leonard of Harry Leonard Imagery

From that point, I arranged a meeting over lunch with Marilyn. I was curious how she met one person whose story particularly resonated with me. That day I found Marilyn has a fascinating story which is probably why she can capture the story of others so well.

Let Me Introduce Marilyn Wilson

I found out she stick handled a startup magazine to fruition and success, then closing. She has overcome life challenges by constantly learning on the job and embracing whatever circumstance presented to make a positive. She has reshaped herself to meet the opportunity at hand which I believe embodies what being a woman is about.  We do it by assimilation I think. Above all Marilyn is passionate about people and driven by an insatiable curiosity.

Life Outside The Box
Photo by Harry James Leonard of Harry Leonard Imagery

Getting to know Marilyn is like peeling an onion.  Each layer presents another new revelation.

For example, out of the blue, I received a Facebook invite for a designer show. This led me to another slice of life I knew nothing about, namely fashion.  It has been quite enchanting and steered me to a whole new group of women intent on creating and celebrating style.

Since our meeting, she has warmly included me, provided rich information and supported my endeavors with this magazine. And that embodies Marilyn, giving her knowledge openly and without guile. Following her posts from her last year reporting at Fashion Week Vancouver, I found her daily outfits, some pictured here, are a true reflection of Marilyn. Full of joie de vivre, she always has a smile.

Life In A Box
Photo by Victoria Clements

Now she has a new book in the works and more waiting in the wings.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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