Life in Technicolor; Lessons Learned from the Best Brain Tumor

Life has become a smorgasbord of new opportunities and experiences since Tetyana Golota was blessed with the “Best Brain Tumor”. Tetyana shares a powerful message. Your life may not be perfect, but living life is perfection. Whatever obstacles you are facing, the joy of living is paramount, so choose it.

At Forty Five Life In Technicolor
Tetyana Golota

An x-ray for nasal congestion uncovered a tumor and the diagnosis started Tetyana on a road that turned her life from black and white to technicolor.

Spending a year with a tumor growing in your body is a place no one wants to contemplate. Tetyana did exactly that, trying to manage the effects of her illness on her work and daily routine. She attempted to hang on to the life she knew, asking her employer for flexibility, looking for alternatives. The growing tumor pushed that option out of the way. She found herself on the gurney to the operating room, and she remembers seeing her husband’s ashen face. It mirrored his angst and the question of the unknown. Would his wife return a babbling form of herself or perhaps not at all?

Tetyana vowed if she was given the opportunity, she would embrace the bold, live a life full of joy, practice gratefulness and choose happiness. Tetyana kept that vow and shares her story wherever and whenever she can.

Trading Black and White for Technicolor

Tetyana wants women to know they can live an empowering life in spite of their shortcomings by embracing their reality whatever that is. She encourages women to trade their black and white life in for technicolor.

For example, she lost her peripheral vision. As she explains now she looks at life through a tunnel, yet her life has blossomed far beyond the confines of those walls.

In her previous life she was an engineer. In her new life she built on that and is a designer of hats and fashion.  You can see some of her designs in the facebook postAt Forty Five Life In Technicolor Tetyana Golota below. She has taken her designs to catwalks. She always loved designing. Sewing and fashion were something she learned from her grandmother in the Ukraine.  She had little time for it before, but now it provides her happy place.

Before, Tetyana was a woman aware of her larger than size 6 body and her girl next door look. Today, she has taken that body and normalcy and captures the Mrs. BC title. She has walked fashion weeks in Canada and the US. Now, she is preparing to vie for the Mrs. Canada Globe in March 2017, something she had not even heard of before her diagnosis. This motivated her to get physically fit and drop pounds in the process.

Earlier, she was a career woman in a nine to five job. Today she is a board member of SheTalks, an organization of bold, bright women helping give women a platform to share their personal stories. She is fielding new opportunities for earning a living that she would never have dreamed possible.

A Technicolor Life Is Not A Fairy Tale

At Forty Five Mrs. BC Globe Life in Technicolor
Tetyana Golota, Mrs. British Columbia Globe

Living life in technicolor does not mean life is a fairy tale. A diagnosis of fibromyalgia and arthritis have added more complications.  Some mornings she needs two hours to get out of bed and functioning.  Her message still is heartening  “I open my eyes each day thankful to have life!” Tetyana feels she has been given an amazing second chance and so life is a miracle, imperfectly perfect.

Tetyana has to work at finding a happy balance of being a wife, a mother, a friend, a family business owner and a spokesperson. We can all identify with that and so Tetyana nudges us to reflect on where ever we are in our journey of self discovery. Do we need a life altering event to change our perspective about the challenges we face? Are they obstacles or opportunities? What are you thinking?

For More Information

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