Lonely? It’s Time To Ask The Men Out

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So many men and women feel upset about being lonely because of the problems meeting a potential partner.

People are giving up on having a relationship because they have stopped believing that unconditional love exists.

Unrealistic checklists have replaced courtship because if you don’t fit everything on someones list, you’re out of the running after the first text message. (You don’t even get to meet them in person!)

Things need to change in a big way with the dating drought in the millennium! 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest dilemmas is that men are fed up being rejected when they do ask a woman out in a social setting. So… maybe if things aren’t working, it’s time for the ladies to ask the men out!

Guys have traditionally had the pressure of being the pursuer and are tired of having to be the one who makes the first move. Dating has become a big problem because of this. I have talked to many women who still believe it is the man’s job to be the aggressor and to pay for everything all the time.

Men are confused and women are frustrated that their dating life is becoming non-existent.

Things have changed and we have to lose the old school attitude. We make our family & careers a very important part of our lives so why are we not giving a potential partnership our full attention as well?

Having love in your life balances out who you are, which keeps you in a healthy place emotionally.

When a woman gives a man a little encouragement it goes a long way. Smile or say hi first and signal your interest.  Many guys aren’t sure if they are put in a “friend zone” or if there is a possibility for a romantic relationship.

Ladies: times have changed and if you want to meet someone to have a partnership with you need to make an effort.

We can’t demand equal rights and then contradict ourselves by not partaking in being more assertive when it comes to asking out someone on a date.

Waiting for someone to contact you or trying to meet that perfect man at a weekend event, online or on a dating app is probably not going to get you the love you desire in your life. There are only so many white knights galloping towards us, to carry us off into romantic bliss.

If you want something bad enough, why sit back and wait?

Doesn’t it make more sense to take a chance and make a move to get his attention? You know what you like so don’t pass by a great chance when there is an attraction to someone. You may never see them again and regret not saying something.

Don’t make your life full of “what ifs!”

I promise you, men are flattered when you take a chance on them. So what if you find out they are in a relationship or not available for another reason. Try again with someone else!

Men have had to deal with this for hundreds of years and maybe it is time we make it a little easier on them and ourselves.

If you are sitting home night after night and feeling more alone than ever, it’s time to make a change. Go out and get what you want ladies because you are in charge of who you attract into your life.

Don’t wait for a guy to come and knock on your door…go knock on his door! ❤


Susan McCord @ sybersue.com

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Susan McCord
Susan McCord is a Dating Relationship/Lifestyle Talk Show Host, Published Author, Certified Life Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist. She is a mature woman with young sassy attitude! She’s been there, done that and has so many T-shirts she can literally open a store!