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I love a good story but tend to stay away from the daily news. So much bad news! I stay away, not because I don’t care, but because I care so deeply. I do know what is going on in the world. I read the news. What I don’t do is get caught up in the daily dose of down that the mainstream media seems intent on dishing out.

girl-691105_640Reading the daily news brings me down and distracts me from the important work I am meant to do. I help people reframe their stories to empower themselves and others. Sometimes I work with people whose stories would be magnified and vilified in the media.

I help clients go from telling monster stories to transformation stories. If you are focusing on the monster in your life who has hurt you, you aren’t focusing on your transformation to the person you want to be. That is the story I want to help you tell.

As part of my work, I want to spread the multitude of good stories each of us lives every day. Right now, someone is giving someone else a leg up. Someone is helping a stranger. Someone is buying someone a meal. Someone is digging a well. Someone is building a school. Someone is spending time with a neighbor. Those good stories inspire us and motivate us to do better. We don’t hear enough of them.

Love Story At Forty FiveWe hear the big bad stories, but the truth is that life is made up of the tiny love stories we live each day. Women live beautiful loving stories that often get lost or dismissed. Time for change.

As a storyteller and story coach, I am launching a campaign this February, the month of love, to give space to tell our stories. Here is where we can tell the stories that would otherwise get lost in the big bad stories that tend to dominate the headlines.

Each day, I will post a new theme and a new story from my life or one that has touched my heart.

I invite you to join in. Read the stories on the blog and tell your stories.

We all have a story. This campaign gives you a place to tell yours.

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