Tina Averback: Unleash Your True Potential with Lucia Light

Lucia Light is the secret to unleashing your true potential. Tina Averback has been on the quest to understand health, how it intersects with our psychic realm and plays into our human existence. She worked in the field of infertility for over 10 years and for over thirty years delved into anything spiritual including yoga, reiki, pranic healing, and spiritual retreats. She was very aware of the medical world’s approach to health and wellness and the unmet needs of patients and their families.

Tina Averback - skystudiolucia.ca
Tina Averback – skystudiolucia.ca

The truth is we are all searching for mindfulness and the ability to connect to a pure state.

February 21, 2015, is ingrained in her mind as the day she began the journey deep into herself with her introduction to the Lucia light. As Tina explains it, the light opens the canvas of your third eye and you become the artist.

What Is the Lucia Light?

Lucia Lights combine a wide-spectrum solid and series of flickering lights programmed to a unique combination of frequencies. It has won 4 international medals for innovation and technology.

How it came to be is a fascinating story illustrating the never-ending quest of man for personal enlightenment.

Two doctors, a phycologist Dr. Engelbert Winkler, Dr. Dirk Proeckl a neurologist spent decades researching the near-death experience. The common theme of those experiences’ centers around a glowing bright light. With engineer Jury Locker, they created this light machine. One of the first prototypes used parts of a coffee machine.

How Does The Lucia Light Work?

There is science behind the effect. The Lucia light activates your pineal gland. The field of bio-photonics confirms light allows our cells to communicate. The light travels to your central brain, through your closed eyelids to activate your pineal gland releasing energetic light waves through your whole body.

What Does The Lucia Light Do?

Lucia Light At Forty Five

The Lucia light is likened to the 60’s mind-expanding use of psychedelics. It causes a shift taking you to a harmonic place. You feel a deep relaxation, with a clear focus and worries fall away. The light enables you to take emotional charge of your reality. You embark on a journey traveling to the cosmic realm of light and time where you can find inner peace, joy, intuition.

It brings awareness and assists people in finding the magical space between sleep and consciousness. If you have a very busy mind or have trouble sleeping this machine brings you to a place of zen. Empaths will find relief, allowing you to release others energy.

Where Can I Find Lucia Lights?

At Forty Five Lucia Light

You will find the Lucia Light at Sky Studio Academy, centrally located in downtown Vancouver, at 207 W. Hastings at Cambie Street (Dominion Building).

Sky Studio offers many other services and holds workshops and events in their very own event space, adjoining the Studio.

Although the Light is still primarily used in private practices, it can also be found in high-end luxury spas, fitness and wellness studios across Canada.

If you would like to explore offering this service in your practice or studio contact Tina Averback here http://skystudiolucia.ca | http://skystudioshop.ca

To book a session at Sky Studio in Vancouver, at another location or to see our upcoming events: http://www.skystudiolucia.ca

To purchase a machine click here http://www.skystudioshop.ca

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