Lucia Mann: We Are All A Little Broken

Lucia Mann has lived a life that is so diverse, so full of twists and turns that it rattles. To those of us ensconced in our serene, if slightly dysfunctional sheltered existence, the depth of disquiet of Lucia’s life story gives us pause.

Oprah Lucia Mann At Forty Five
Lucia Mann, Award Winning Author and Social Activist

Born into apartheid South Africa bi-racial, she was abandoned, never finding her rightful place in society as white or colored. Shipped off to Italy and abandoned again, she makes a clandestine transfer to the UK where the theme of abandonment persists. Becoming a linguistics expert for the British Intelligence provides relief and some stability for a while. On the move again to North America, she lands in Vancouver, then Manitoba and finally back to the interior. It is a life journey of epic proportions.

Addicted To Hate

Her latest book, Addicted To Hate, parallels Lucia’s life and touches on the often taboo subject of parental abuse.

Quickly the book draws us into reality. We are the observer looking on yet, find ourselves driven to pass judgment as the subject falters and bows to the winds of unfortunate circumstances and abuse.

We cheer her on, willing our strength to her so she can overcome tragic situations. In the end, though, it is her own perseverance and fortitude that serve her well.

Just as the heroine has a chance to settle into a quiet existence, she becomes the subject of parental abuse. It is almost more than the reader can bear.

The Quiet Terror Of Elder Abuse

The insidious creep of disrespect, belittling and rough behavior from the one you love, your own flesh and blood often don’t register in your psyche. Then, suddenly, as if a cloud lifts, you realize that you are feeling scared, alone, threatened and helpless with no avenue for escape. The options almost too drastic to comprehend, your mind looks for solutions. You, always the “adult in charge”, come to terms with your reality. You are overcome with shame. Often your choices are slim, and surely will damage familial relations. As the matriarch, you ponder the repercussions. In the end, your existence depends on you acting. Drastic measures almost always have a catastrophic effect on some level, but you are doing the right thing. You are worth it.

Lucia’s goal with her book is to raise awareness of parental abuse and empower any who find themselves in such heartbreaking circumstances to advocate for their own self-safety and sanity.

“I have overcome many traumatic obstacles in my life, but I always tell myself you are not to blame for other’s wrongdoings. This mantra sees me through. While I realize that my writings take those who can’t relate out of their comfort zone, I will continue to write – to be the voice of those who have been stifled by shame, guilt and much more.”

Abolition of Human Trafficking And Slavery

Lucia is not one to shy away from dark subject matter. Her writing shocks in the hopes of shedding light on the dark corners of humanity.

Available at and Amazon
Available at and Amazon

>Lucia, through the lens of her own experience, is a world-recognized advocate for the abolition of human trafficking and slavery. Her mission is to end prejudice and slavery now and in the future. Lucia created The Modern-Day Reporting Slavery Centre where anyone can report of human slavery anywhere in the world.

“According to the United Nations, there are more than 27 million slaves worldwide, which are more than twice the number of those who were enslaved over the 400 years that transatlantic slavers trafficked humans to work in the Americas. Many are forced into prostitution while others are used as unpaid laborers used to manufacture goods many of us buy in the U.S.

In fact, it’s almost impossible to buy clothes or goods anymore without inadvertently supporting the slave trade.”

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Lucia’s collection of works include: Addicted to Hate (2018), Rented Silence (2016), The Sicilian Veil of Shame (2015), Africa’s Unfinished Symphony (2015), and A Veil of Blood Hangs Over Africa (2014).

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