Luxurious, Natural Linen: Why You Need It

Linen At Forty FiveHave you ever tried linen towels?  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when my daughter reported that she had bought one for her holiday last year.  In my mind, I could see my mom’s striped and embroidered tea towels.

Then recently at a handiwork show, we stopped to view a linen kimono from Le Fil Rouge Textile. There was a stack of crisp linen bath towels in all manner of earth colors, tied up so daintily. The owner Ellen Walde talked about the benefits of the material and I ended up buying two.

I am a convert.  Never will I go back to regular cotton towels and here is why. Linen is:

  1. Naturally antibacterial – your washcloth or towel will never end up smelling like a musty shoe because germs cannot get cozy and multiply.
  2. Naturally sloughing – the texture of linen is slightly gritty so your skin feels alive like you have just been rubbed down with a salt scrub.
  3. Super absorbent – immediately absorbing water on your skin it is not like typical towels that take time to dry your skin. Also, the towel doesn’t get sopping wet.  It feels dry even when it is wet. I am a swimmer and it is perfect for your swim bag.
  4.  Exceptionally durable and long lasting – linen ages gracefully getting softer and softer as time goes by but, because of its fiber strength wears forever.
  5. Environmentally smart – Flax can be grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides. The production process uses the second lowest amount of water. You want to look for organically grown and treated, typically from countries other than China. Those countries have more stringent requirements for processing in a sustainable manner.
  6. Protective – Fascinating that this fabric has health protecting properties, in particular, it reduces solar gamma rays and can help to prevent or reduce some skin diseases. This is an interesting article with more information. 
Linen At Forty Five
West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover + Shams

Linen is one of the oldest known fabrics and is woven from flax fibers. It was used heavily in Egyptian and other early civilizations. Sadly, it went out of favor with the invention of polyester but that is changing.  Many of us struggling with our health are making a commitment to natural fabrics. Sustainable clothing is on the upswing, as society begins to prize natural fabrics respectful of our environment.

I am now eyeing my next purchase…a duvet cover, sheet, and pillowcases. You will notice that linen costs more but it is so worth it.

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Check out the linen at Le Fil Rouge Textiles.

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