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Makeover AT Forty Five
Karen Magill

What woman doesn’t love the thought of a makeover? So when I saw one of my Facebook friends putting it out there that she was taking on changes in big ways, it piqued my interest. Karen and I are virtual friends but we discovered as we arranged an interview that we lived in the same city! So an unexpected pleasure was the face to face coffee date on a sunny morning.

Every makeover has a catalyst and when I queried Karen on hers, she provided a remarkable response. “I want to travel the world, being paid to speak on how to conquer credit card debt, especially to women!” She went on to add, “A stylish, polished, and well-groomed look gives me confidence and provides credence to my message.”

Sometimes being in a rut predicates a need for change. Karen explained it can also come from a shift in circumstances and life occurrences. Karen has been living with MS (Multiple sclerosis)  for 17 years. An out of the blue diagnosis changed the trajectory of her life path.

“Coming down with MS has opened my life to so many experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise I wouldn’t have had the experiences I have or the fun. I wouldn’t have found my life’s calling to be a public speaker and to help woman in their forties and fifties with credit card debt and I wouldn’t have the dreams I do now.”

Karen has filled those seventeen years opening doors to new things and exploring options. I was inspired by the thought that you can makeover your life & style anytime. Once is not enough. Karen embodies that audacious approach.

Makeover At Forty Five
Karen Magill

After the diagnosis, she undertook a makeover from government employee to author. She saw the disease an opportunity to chase her dream of writing for a living. Now she is an accomplished author with five published books, however, the journey of self-discovery is always a winding one. She explored other areas of writing, interviewed musicians and reviewed press releases. Karen curated Vancouver history on her now mothballed blog Vancouver Voyageur which then served as the basis for one of her novels Missing Flowers.

A more recent makeover moved her from a Rick Hansen Ambassador to a public speaker. Again she has drawn on her real life for inspiration and does not use her disease as the focus. A single woman with credit card debt, she realized her quality of life was restricted by the burden of debt. During the course of attaining knowledge and tools to help herself, she realized that it is a problem facing many women as they anticipate, plan for and retire.

Life Is Meant To Be Fun

Karen believes life is meant to be fun and that requires peace of mind. To achieve that, your finances need to be in order. Karen is putting the finishing touches on an online course and has been honing her speaking skills in preparation for the next step.

Makeover At Forty FiveShe is also in the midst of the physical kind of makeover which she has been sharing with her following. Karen recently celebrated getting below a certain number on the scale. The number is not important, it just represents her success with her self-wellness efforts and boosts her mobility. She embraced a swanky haircut having fun with a stunning magenta hue that matches her dynamic personality and outlook.

She moved on to brow shaping to bring out her beautiful eyes. Then a make-up consultation enhanced her natural beauty and added a glow. Like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis, Karen is poised to take flight and share her financial wisdom with women.

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