Paradise Compliments of Maui Man!

Maui At Forty Five
A Postcard from Paradise

So, you decided Maui is your next vacation destination and now you need a place to stay.

If you are willing to forgo the luxury hotel and want to save the additional resort tax, then you need to connect with Maui Man.

Randy Wolfe aka Maui Man has a wonderful offering of places on the island and the inside track on reasonable prices. He came highly recommended by a friend when I needed a place in Kaanapali.

He phoned me back quickly and was so helpful when I explained what I needed. I was traveling with my son, who wanted to be close to his girlfriend and her family. He gave me practical advice on an area close by and some ideas of where to stay and visit in Maui. He said he would get me some options. His “I have a place where you will think you are on the island alone” had me a bit skeptical but I was keen on saving the resort fee.

We arrived about 12:30 in the morning. Driving from the airport, I felt disorientated and couldn’t tell if the pitch black sitting just outside the Range Rover’s headlights and the odd highway intersection light, Maui At Forty Five was the ocean or night. Coming from the bright city lights, one forgets how truly dark the night is when sitting out in theHasi ocean expanse.

The Mahina Surf

In Kaanapali, we found the Mahina Surf easily. Locating the key box, we grabbed our bags and started down the dimly lit pathway. Then the sounds of crashing waves settled into my consciousness. “I think it’s right by the ocean Mike.”

There was our door, the last light glowing before a tangle of dense ferns and greenery. We stepped through the door and right into the set of Hawaii Five-0. Rattan living room furniture covered in tasteful green and cream fern print with peach pottery lamps standing at attention in the corner beckoned just beyond the kitchen. Drawing back the drapes I could only see the inky night with a spattering of twinkling lights. The louvered windows in the bedroom belied the closeness of the crashing waves and the ceiling fan lazily moved the cooling ocean breeze.

Maui At Forty Five The delightful sight that greeted the morning sun was amazing. Turquoise blue waters in any direction. It wasn’t until I walked out on the lanai that I could see we were the last unit in a u-shaped complex. Randy spoke the truth, the orientation of the unit faces out to water, with the ocean on three sides. I looked out onto the green rolling lawn and sparkling blue ocean, only seeing people if I made the effort. I spent a decadent week sitting with coffee in hand, watching a never ending show of whales splashing in the waters.

The Mahina Surf is only one of Maui Man’s offerings around Maui but it truly was spectacular. The communal bbq pit facing the sunset and overlooking the ocean is a kitchen of dreams. A bbq traffic jam was the most action we faced. Everyone took great care to keep moving through and the equipment was cleaned every day. Watching the many shades of the sunset over the water, while cooking supper with a pina colada in hand can only be experienced.

Maui At Forty Five Maui Paradise

There are plenty of dining choices close by but after our first meal out, we loaded up on steak, sweet potatoes, and vegetables and BBQed every night. I perfected the frothy pina colada, using coconut rum which I still am not able to find in Vancouver. The kitchen had everything needed to cook. Sufficiently so, that I entertained my son’s girlfriend’s family for supper one night.

I spent mornings exploring. I caught the hula dancing show, checked out the glitzy hotels and high-end jewelry and clothing shops. The fascinating Hawaiian history and the story of Maui captured my interest. The pineapple winery (read about their wine club here) made for an amazing day.

The delicious pool kept me cool as I whiled away the afternoon. I read my way through the eclectic selection of books found in the bookcase in the outdoor communal laundry room. However, it was the Mahina Surf Unit 101 that truly made my vacation paradise. I can’t thank Maui Man enough for the perfect place and the fabulous service. Give him a call. Aloha!

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Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

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