A Mother Gifts Mankind

I would not recognize this mother if we passed on the street. Although she lives half a world away and we have never met, she has been with me.

A Mother Gifts Mankind
A Mother’s Gift To The World

She came into my life years ago when I met a single young man eager to take on the world. I first tuned into her powerful force when he declared he was looking for a girl of his faith so his mother would approve. I have often glimpsed her guidance in his respectful treatment of his fellow peers. His kindness and thoughtfulness a testament to hers. He has overcome obstacles using common sense and patience surely nurtured by her. She provided him with the toolkit of life skills every mother strives to equip their child with. Now preparing for the birth of his own child, I see her even more. He has inspired me, taught me many things and brought joy to my work.

As human beings, we have a purpose in this world often not easily identified as we race through the routines and rituals of daily life.

This mother made me realize as mothers our purpose is much clearer. We raise our sons and daughters to gift to mankind. We are bestowed the honor of being their guide for a short time. Then we give them up to go out in the world, sometimes far away. Their life to intertwine with others and carry life forward. I came to appreciate this as my daughter moved away. As we chatted about her daily life, I heard instances where her kindness graced those in her life sphere. I have come to understand our children are testaments to their mothers in ways we may not know.

This mother is now struggling with a horrific disease. From a world away, I want to put my arms around her and offer up prayers of strength. We may never meet, but I wanted her to know how her grace shines clear. And to say, thank you for your wonderful gift.

Sherry Kallergis
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