Mothering Manual Is MIA

Mother At Forty Five

Most of us can pinpoint a moment in time that we clearly remember we made a conscious decision to NOT follow our mothers’ guidance. That the world didn’t fall apart emboldened us to be braver and step further afield.

I think mothering is one of the hardest responsibilities to shoulder. Millions of books have been written attempting to bring clarity to the task. Futile though, because in the end, it requires an indiscernible combination of passion, intuition, love but most of all bluster.

Because mothers don’t know the right path for their children. It really is a crap shoot. She positions the child in a direction and releases her hold at just the right time. She must show hope, bravery, and confidence to her offspring while desperately weighing options and outcomes. None of which she controls.

Sometimes the outcome is positive. Sometimes not.

In the end, as children, we realize the path was of our own choosing. She had little say. We can only imagine the sad place we might have landed without her. We are free to love our mothers unconditionally, in spite of ourselves.


Sherry Kallergis
Sherry Kallergis

Sherry loves creating and pulling together things, values her eclectic group of friends living fascinating lives around the globe, is an eloquent listener, can’t write worth a damn, but loves a great story and is a sponge soaking up new tips that will help make her (and your) life extraordinaire!

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