Movement For Life: Gisela Rocha

movement-for-lifeMovement for Life is a unique project; a contemporary fusion of modern and conscious dance that expands your relationship with your body, creating an aura that is ageless and free. This complete program of movement language and pedagogy was developed by Gisela Rocha drawing on knowledge gained in her career as choreographer and conscious dance practitioner.

Celebrating its’ three-year anniversary Gisela has taken Movement for Life to many events including a Win Global Conference in Rome, Curious courses in Zurich, Women weekend Switzerland, the power in you retreat Trigon production, AweSummit in Zurich and Barcelona.

Gisela is intent on spreading this movement to women around the world and we hope Canada and the US are next.

Get In Touch With Your Energy

Movement For Life

As a movement artist, Gisela encourages people to get in touch with energy and authentic expression. Breaking mental barriers, you will be inspired to receive clear guidance and sense more, feel more and express it without fear of judgment. Some of the programs Movement for Life offers are:

  • Body Whispering
  • Embody Presence
  • Dance For Elderly
  • Dance With Me Zurich

What Is Conscious Dance?

Being conscious is being alert, mindful. In the world of dance, it means listening to your own rhythm and inner voices.

The movement is not about learning choreographed movements, The conscious movement opens infinite possibilities to move your body. You develop a sense of space and you learn what is going on within your body. Everything connects with emotions. It is a beautiful practice, which brings a lot of joy. You come to appreciate and strength your individuality.

Movement For Life
Flow Class

Well-Being Is A Skill To Learn

Gisela believes well-being is a skill to learn. Many women as they get older, lack an understanding of how to maintain their movement and many want to increase it. Gisela is 54, and with this practice, she moves better than in her 30s.

She highly recommends it for women in menopause. They can feel increased energy and more joy. Most important, they can take a break from their busy minds and the looping thoughts will cease to exist. The more you practice, life becomes more balanced.

Gisela Rocha Is Giving Back

Gisela Rocha is an accomplished choreographer, director, and artist. In 2014 she decided it was time to give back to others in an expression of gratitude for her blessings.

She has made it her passion to help women (and men) become more present and feel more alive.

Gisela is based in Switzerland but originally is from Brazil (Salvador de Bahia), where she started her dance education. Her extensive career includes teaching in Tokyo, working as an international juror in South Koregisela-rochaa, having her ballet performed in NYC at the Joyce Theater and of course, working in the Netherlands with the best dancers in the world. She directed the 40th anniversary of the ballet company Introdans, which was performed in the presence of the Royal family.

No career moment though comes close to the birth of her daughter Annabella. As Gisela shares “Nothing compares to such a powerful experience. I became less self-centered, she really taught me what love is”

Gisela lives what she teaches, besides dancing, she goes for a walk in the woods every day. The fresh air and quiet time balance her days out perfectly.

Gisela’s gift to you is movement.  Take inspiration from her work, even though you may not be able to take her course, and start dancing today.

Try a dance exercise here. 



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