No Need To Calculate, Use Splittr

The Splittr app is the perfect solution for your destination Christmas in July.

Do you want an easy way to keep track of shared expenses with your group? Everyone is finding Splittr to be an easy solution to use, even if you are technically challenged.

Splittr App

The key feature of this app is that it keeps parties who agree to share expenses accountable. No more having to awkwardly hint at whose turn it is to pay or who owes whom. Your friends will be grabbing the cheque because Splittr shames them for you. The app shows in real time who’s ahead in paying and who is behind.

Instead of exchanging money with every person in the party Splittr tells you how to pay the least amount of people to even up your bill.

How Does It Work?

So, the way the app works, is a person creates the event. As you add participants, you can send them an email with a link. Each participant or the event administrator enters an expense as it occurs. Everyone in the group can track in the app the details of the expense and the status of the overall shared expenses. Green shows people who have paid more to date and red shows who is behind.

When a user enters the expense, you are prompted who paid, how much, for what and which participants are part of the expense. It allows sub-events within the big event and tracks who was there to charge them their portion and eliminates certain people who opted out. You can add pictures of the event, or item making it a photo collection at the end of the excursion.

It can be used for absolutely anything that you want to share expenses on. No more forgetting the little things. Paid cab fare? enter in splittr. Bought balloons? Enter in splittr.

Although a free app, it does offer premium options including currency conversion for a fee.

Who Created The App?

The app was created by a young German man Raphael Wichmann who creates apps to solve his own life problems. He created the app to solve the mess of shared travelling expenses with his friends.

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Holly James
Holly James

Holly James is a mother of three embracing her 50s. A farm girl from rural Alberta she loves the outdoors.


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