Off to Guatemala to Help Build A Special Needs School

At Forty Five STIMMA team
2015 STIMMA Guatemala Team

Three weeks until Randy and I leave for Guatemala. We will be heading back to El Progreso, Guatemala. Our task is to finish building the community’s first special needs school slated to open in January, 2017.  Just like last year, we will be part of STIMMA’s (Short Term International Medical Missions Abroad) project which will run November 6th to 18th.

At Forty Five STIMMA RandyWe are teaming up with the Doppenbergs, an incredible family of five who has relocated from Ontario to Guatemala to work with the local Mayan population. The building we helped build from the ground up (and I mean the ground tried to swallow it a few times) will house quite a lot. It will have a special needs school, medical and clinic, outpatient malnutrition facility and a women in crisis centre. We will have the honour of working side by side the skilled Guatemalan municipal workers and the Mayans from the village of El Salitrillo. We will be focusing our efforts on the interior of the building this go round.At Forty Five kinder STIMMA

While Randy and I will supply the labour, your funding will be gratefully accepted and appreciated. The great thing about STIMMA is 97 cents out of every dollar go directly to the project we are working on and the people we are trying to help. I know you are a generous, giving group and thank you for any donation you can provide. It would mean a lot to us to have your support on this trip. Thanks SO much!

If you can help, the monies go to purchasing building materials, school and medical supplies and other many needed items. Thanks for considering.

Here’s our Funding Page:…/randy-and-kinder-finish-the-…/

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