Be Open To New Challenges, Ready or Not

Challenges At Forty FiveEco-Fashion Week in Australia is the stage for showcasing what can actually happen when you jump right into challenges, whether you are ready or not.

Just imagine.  Marilyn Wilson landed in Perth, put the final touches on her FIRST FASHION SHOW while recovering from jet lag at a beautiful Alpaca ranch.

She set about experiencing an incredible high. Marilyn stepped out from behind the scenes, after covering hundreds of fashion events over the last ten years as a media representative. She led her very own Eco Fashion Week Australia Upcycling Challenge, showcasing 21 talented designers who created couture with used men’s dress shirts.

She marvels how things have come together because she was open to the possibility.

Your Past Leads To The Present, Perfectly

Often, new challenges present because our life passion and learning are a common thread that we don’t see and are not aware of until we have pause to reflect on our past. Our age actually is a benefit when preparing to take on something new. Every bit of living and learning we have packed into our years comes to bear fruit when we are open to receiving challenges.

Marilyn is a renowned author, so you might wonder what writing has to do with designing or running a fashion show. That’s where the story starts to come together.

Marilyn sewed dance costumes, starting for her children and then branched out professionally. She was attracted to lush fabrics, unusual embellishments, and came to appreciate strong lines and beautiful tailoring. She was open to the challenge.

Challenges At Forty Five

Don’t Think Too Much

Marilyn is someone who gets an idea and if it feels right, she leaps without even thinking it through. She recommends this approach because she believes you can do anything you put your mind to. If you think too much, that is when you set up barriers and turn and run.

In 2006 she was pursuing job postings on Craigslist and decided to answer an ad from a NYC magazine looking for fashion articles. She knew a few designers, and with great abandon and the thought of how hard can this be, she sent off a couple story ideas. She just wanted to write about people and fashion was where the door opened.  As she mentions, I knew nothing when I started out but I was open to the challenge.

Be Prepared For Some Messy

There often are many challenges that arise that you don’t expect. Marilyn admits she has ended up in a panic or pool of tears asking herself what was I thinking when I committed to this. However, once you’re committed all you can do is put one foot in front of the other. Marilyn falls back on the advice of her mentor Sue Dumais of Heart Led Living – One Step, One Moment, One Breath.

Many challenges open new doors. Helping get a fashion magazine off the ground, writing a book, it was all in preparation for this Eco Fashion Week Australia opportunity of having her own fashion show. The connections Marilyn gained now come to support this new challenge.

Marilyn R Wilson, Image by Harry Leonard Imagery
Marilyn R Wilson, Image by Harry Leonard Imagery

New Experiences Keep You Interesting

We need to keep learning and challenging ourselves as we age to keep our mind sharp and our enthusiasm high. Do you want a life that is interesting? Marilyn recalls hearing something which she took to heart. Basically, you either keep having new experiences so you have something exciting to talk about at get-togethers or you better have had a fabulous 20’s because you’ll have to keep repeating those same stories the rest of your life. New experiences are the highs, lows, elation and gong show moments you navigate through the challenge.

Live In The Moment

Marilyn knows if you are a hard worker, you can get yourself out of tight corners, so just do your tasks with enthusiasm. Live fully in the present moment. Don’t think ahead of all you have to do. Don’t look back and worry because you didn’t get enough done before. Banish the word busy. Be in each moment doing the one thing you need to do. When it’s done move onto the next moment. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Practice de-stressing and be kind to yourself.

It is important to continue to take on new challenges. Life is all about the journey.  Don’t let opportunities slide by because it’s not the right time or you are not ready. Challenges take you to new fun places. So turn away from scared and turn in to the challenge. You will be amazed where you go!

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Marilyn and her book Life Outside The Box were featured in Celebrate Audacious.


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