Has Your Day Got You On Your Knees? 5 Steps To Winning

A Bad Day At Forty FiveSometimes the events of the day just overwhelm us. It feels like we have hit the wall and negative swells up and overcomes our common sense.  When we have those days, it is really easy to lash out at those around us.  Or find ourselves on the hostile receiving end undeservedly.

I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Stacey Holloway of Holloway Group.  She spoke about resilience and the need to build it in yourself and others. She delivered 5 steps to reframe your day when it kicks the stuffing out of you.  They have helped me and I am sure you will find solace when you use them too.


Of course, it’s natural to want to react but it seldom is the right answer.  She recommends walk away from the situation.  It can be difficult to do but by verbalizing that you need a break, it often helps the other person by giving them an out or some recovery time too.


We all know by now that deep breathing calms us. You will immediately be able to slow down the injection of fight and flight chemical your body releases. Don’t be shy. Breath deep breaths through your nose and expand your lungs. As you exhale, push the air out of your lungs in a short burst. That helps dissipate the negative energy.

Bad Day At Forty FiveReframe:

Take a moment to reframe what you are thinking.  Our automatic response is to jump to the negative…why, what or how.  Instead, find a positive approach to the experience. See if you can look at the glass from the half-full perspective.


You need to appreciate that there are some things you can change and some that you can’t. For those you can, make a plan.  For those you can’t, you have one choice; to accept it and move on.  Often writing the options down in black and white helps you discern the two and takes the sting out of the situation.

Take a step forward:

As humans, we feel happy when we sense accomplishment.  When you are down, it can be easy to dismiss but taking one small step forward can feel really good and rewarding.  So find an activity you can do today to get moving forward.  As Stacey suggested, “Become unstuck.”

And it helps to get a good night’s sleep. Things always look better in the light of a new day.

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