Painting Can Be A Bridge Between You and The World

Hajni Yosifov At Forty Five
Hajni Yosifov – Thank You For The Perfect Picture – Garry Kettleson, Photographer

I started my artistic career as a jewelry designer, however painting is my passion. It stirs my soul deeper than any other art form. Designing and painting are both expressions of creativity, spurring one to always search, I think, for life moments rather than answers.

A Different Journey

I was born in Romania, then moved to Canada in 1990 and it was a turning point in my personal and artistic life with surroundings changing and new experiences enriching my imagination.

Change and life can be daunting. Painting, I find, gives me the courage to be vulnerable; to be myself, so it acts as the bridge between me and the world. It serves as my inner peace, yet there is a beautiful struggle to express all that is in me.

Cityscape Painting At Forty Five

My quest of life and a passionate curiosity serve as the foundation of my love for my work. Each painting is passionately present, like my thoughts; shapes and shades come to life effortlessly.

I don’t consider my art abstract because abstract art seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colours and textures without representing an external reality. Rather, I call them “dreamscapes”, because when I paint, my intention is to touch an emotional chord with such intensity that I can’t distinguish if it’s pain or happiness. I collect bits of nature, human forms, and sparkles of light and  interpret them back into my art romantically.

heaven-and-earth-HANJI YOSIFOV
Heaven and Earth

The awakening of life is an endless wonder. I’m so grateful for this gift of passion as it provides me with an endless creative journey!

Nothing compares with the discovery of your own verse. I encourage you to spend some time to explore what might feed your soul.

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Ontario: Hamilton Art Gallery, Burlington Art Centre, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts
Saskatchewan: Thomas More Gallery, Frances Morrison Gallery
British Columbia: Silk Purse GalleryWest Vancouver; Richmond Art Gallery, Delta Arts Council, Arts Council of New Westminster GallerySeymour Art Gallery, North VancouverAwarded Honourable Mention; Roam GallerySuquet, Vancouver

Public Collections

Embassy of Romania, Ottawa, Ontario
Hamilton City Hall, Hamilton, Ontario
Henderson General Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario
Theater Aquarius, Hamilton, Ontario

Private Collections

Canada, USA, Hungary, Romania, Japan, England

Oversoul Painting At Forty Five

Human Soul Painting At Forty Five
Human Soul

Hajni Yosifov
Hajni Yosifov Contributor
An accomplished artist of “dreamscapes”, Hanji’s art is the bridge between her and the world. She collects bits of nature, human forms, and sparkles of light and shares them with you in her paintings.