Playing The Longevity Game Causes You To Consider Lifestyle Choices

I read about a survey instrument, The Longevity Game, in the Vancouver Sun so decided to try it out. It uses various factors to predict your age span. It was used in a broader discussion of “what is old?”, a very interesting article that you might want to read: “An Ageless Question” by Steven Petrow, Monday, July 15, 2019.

Living longer Longevity At Forty FiveThe article purports that you become “old” about 15 years before your death and the author used the Longevity Game found on the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance’s website to predict his lifespan and determine when he would be “old”.

I am not saying that one survey instrument can assess your personal longevity but what I found most interesting about the whole process is how each of the 13 factors affected your life span. The Game adds to or lowers your life expectancy depending on your answer to each question. It was an interesting process that caused me to reflect on the choices that I make.

If you have extended health insurance with Green Shield they also have a program for members called Change4Life encouraging their clients to examine their lifestyle choices.

I realize that most of us know this information but to see your lifespan numbers go up and down with each response brings it home. It is just another way to keep us on track to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Learn More To Increase Your Longevity

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Check your insurance provider’s website and explore their individual resources for health and wellness.

Many governmental agencies and employers provide services to support you in living a long and healthy life.

Judy Dallas
Judy Dallas

Judy is a semi-retired go-getter cruising her way around the world exploring the wines of each region and looking for new bridge partners. She is a wine lover, knitting hobbyist and passionate mother interested in mobility and arthritis support.

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