Pooling Our Money To Support Women Through Kiva

Every year in honor of International Women’s Day AT FORTY FIVE looks to support a woman who needs a hand up with her business through Kiva.  This year Kiva’s goal is to fund 100,000 women businesses by International Women’s Day.

This year 71-year-old Rosa Emerita stood out. At an age when many women are living a life of retirement, Rosa is hard at work and wanting to ramp up her business. In the poorest one-fifth of the population, Rosa would not have access to financial services without Kiva.

Kiva Rosa At Forty Five
Rosa Emerita Kiva

Rosa’s Story

She lives with her husband in Tulcan, Ecuador. She is a very charismatic and kind person. She likes the job she does. She has a business she started 34 years ago. She is native of Loja, but because of her husband, she moved to the northern part of Ecuador.

Rosa works preparing and selling fried foods, “motes” (corn snacks) with pork rind and coffee and “empanadas”. She opens her business from 3 in the afternoon until approximately 8 in the evening, to serve customers during their office business hours.

Rosa needs the loan to buy a stainless steel stove, tables, chairs, to improve her place in order to increase her customer base. With this, she will increase her income to allow a better quality of life for her and her husband. Rosa, we are here for you.

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Who Is Kiva?

Kiva helps people around the world help themselves by providing micro-loans in areas where traditional financial support is not available. Check their site.

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