Practicing Optimism: Ten Tips To Reduce Stress

Did you know that optimism is like a muscle? You need to exercise it to develop it. These 10 tips will help lower your stress level and give you a level of control over the only thing you can control; how you react to life circumstances. Be cognizant of choosing your daily dose of optimism and your life will feel lighter and brighter.

Stress Buster At Forty FiveTen Tips To Stop Stress

  1. Count your blessings. Appreciating what you have sets positive feelings that last all day.
  2. Make time for fun and play.
  3. Smile and laugh more. It gets the good endorphins surging.
  4. Get thirty minutes of medium to vigorous physical exercise at least three times per week.  Find something you like. Mix it up if you get bored. Consider a buddy to keep you accountable.
  5. Make a plan. A sense of purpose sets you in the direction of action.
  6. Forgive. Grudges and hard feelings drag us down. Let them go.  Life is too short.
  7. Learn and practice relaxation techniques/meditation so you can recharge when you need a break.
  8. Make real healthy food choices and limit your caffeine intake.  Reduce your alcohol consumption. Fuel your body.
  9. Manage your workload. Learn to say no. Set achievable mini-goals. Work in 10-minute increments on tasks that you dislike. Procrastination is a huge stressor.
  10. Cut out the negative self-talk routine. Say only nice things to yourself. Treat yourself as your number one concern. It is true “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

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