Do You Read Your Labels?

Reading warning labels on the back of products I purchased was something I never did.  Now, “after cancer” I make a point of paying attention to what I bring into my environment and put into and on my body.  My goal is to live a clean and sustainable lifestyle.

It can be a daunting task to change, so one needs to pick a place to start and take one product at a time. I decided to start with anything new that I bought, hence my foray into label reading.

do-you-read-your-labels-2We are fortunate in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Consumers have a great deal of information because of the stringent reporting requirements on the packaging.  Not everyone in the world has that luxury.

Now, what I found surprising is the leeway that companies have in creating products that have warning labels that are in direct conflict with the product’s typical use.

These two are particularly pertinent to women as we use them daily!

Shaving Your Underarms Is Hazardous To Your Health

What???? Well, it is if you are using certain deodorants.  Go check now what is on the back of your favorite deodorant.  “Do not use on broken skin.” means there are certain chemicals that are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through open cuts and that is a danger!

do-you-read-your-labelsYour Mouth Is Not Connected To Your Body

Hello???? So, now check out your toothpaste. You might see If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed get medical help or contact Poison Control“.  So the chemicals that you put in your mouth 29,200 times over your 80-year life, assuming you brush once a day, AND you don’t swallow, do not have residue being absorbed?

I am just not willing to take those risks.  If you aren’t either, then you need to be sourcing different products.

Learn MoreCollagen At Forty Five

One of those options is Modere with their Live Clean products.

You can save money on your first purchase using the code 0002540.


Have you found a warning on a product that does not make sense? Scroll down and share in the comment section.


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