Replace Your 1907 Bra Design With Technology To Revolutionize Lift And Comfort

Bra At Forty Five
Ruby Ribbon Lace Full Support Cami

Do you ditch your bra the minute you get in the door? Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our bras. After 25+ years of wires poking through, side boobs escaping or straps slipping down our shoulders there is some relief available. The fact we are wearing a design originating from 1907 could be our issue. (See Learn More below for a great snapshot of the bra timeline)

A new shapewear is being described as the ultimate in comfortable undergarments. Ruby Ribbon, is a social marketing company with a mission to spread confidence, a woman’s most beautiful accessory.

I first heard about the product when my friend, Jo Porter was sharing how she finally found a bra that supported her without poking and pinching and helped her feel more poised and beautiful. Her husband even commented how he noticed she was much more confident in how she was dressing. You don’t often hear a bra changing your life so I was curious what it looked like and why it felt so good.

Introducing The Cami

The Cami has full support engineered right into a beautiful camisole. The variable compression construction is like wearing a second skin that supports and lifts your breasts just like a traditional bra.  Cammies allow the blood to flow through your breast freely and does not cut off the lymph system with constricting bands and wires.

At Forty Five Ditch The Bra
Ruby Ribbon DYI Dress

You may notice the added benefit of slimming one to two inches off your waist. A full range of styles and colors mean every woman can find a product she loves. The size range runs from 32A to 50H.

Where ever you are in the world, you can slide into comfort within 3 to 5 days.  Ruby Ribbon stand by their product.  You can return or exchange up to 30 days from the date of purchase with the original packaging. Washing the garment before return voids the policy.

And The Company

An amazing woman named Anna Zornosa is the CEO & founder of this company. The company launched in 2012, then worked on creating infrastructure in 2013. Sales have been growing nationally ever since. They now have a line of swimsuits and clothing.  International expansion is on the horizon.  The shapewear, the clothing line, and the entrepreneurial opportunities are all evidence the company considers women.

New Bra At Forty FiveAs Jo,  a “stylist” since the summer of 2017, says “This company is a great group of women from the founder, designer, administration, leadership right down to the stylists like myself but what I love the most about this company is the fact that the founder is so involved when it comes to feedback, questions that are asked, but most importantly her passion for this product & this company, in general, has blown me away. She wants us to succeed at the same time as getting the word out to everyone woman out there!”

The comfort sold me. I am lusting after their sexy DIY dress with six options for wearing.  It is perfect for summer and I love the criss-cross back look.

Learn More

Check out the styles, order or explore business opportunities here

This bra design timeline from Women’s Health was striking.

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Sherry Kallergis