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At Forty Five (Done) Rescue Me
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Is one bound to rescue another? I take note when things are repeated synchronistically. It’s like a gentle slap in the face to pay attention. Today, I saw a post and thought i should share it with a friend, but got distracted. Shortly thereafter, she told me about a book she was reading that mentioned the same principles (totally unprompted, just out of the blue, with unrelated sources. She hadn’t seen this article.)

It’s about how pain and struggle help us discover our true strengths, our power. Often times, our loved ones try to solve our problems for us, rescue us (and vice versa) thereby robbing us of growth. It can also lead to resentment and co-dependency.

I want to rescue some people and some people want to rescue me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t help someone or show them you care, but don’t make their problems your problems.

A good example would be the Mama polar bear who dives into the water after her baby has fallen in. She doesn’t pull him back up onto the ice, but let’s him climb out on his own. She is there, though, so he doesn’t die.

Risky Is OK

That is a fine line, one that has changed for me over the past decade. I need risk in my life to feel challenged and triumphant. I will push the boundaries of my comfort zone and face my fears until I die (hopefully from old age).

To fall in love is risky if you haven’t learned you can survive when rejected.

To leave an abusive relationship is risky if you haven’t learned you can survive without their support.

Launching a business is risky if you haven’t learned that sleeping in your car is not the end of the world.

I know people have killed themselves when a market crashes or a lover leaves. People have frozen to death in their cars and starved to death too.

We must learn how to survive, (THRIVE!) and allow our loved ones to do the same in a safe/risky environment.

I don’t know the answer. This is just food for thought.

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